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(Zapper)Martin lewis

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Account Name: 



Time & Date of the Incident: 


Ban Reason: 

Why were you banned?

 DMing in admin jail


Explain the Incident

First off, i don't see how someone can "DM" in admin jail when it's an "OOC" prison,it's not like you're going to loose anything when you die in there. Secondly, as soon as i arrived in the prison, Some guy named Antonio beat me to death, I took my L because i know that wouldn't affect my character ICly. After..The person who got me ajailed in the first place was stomping out my corpse. I felt offended because he had me suffering consequences i didn't deserve to have plus beating my dead body. So I decided to hit him a superman punch in his temple which  caused a brawl and then he went crying to admins because he lost the fight.I thought it was okay to fight in ajail because everyone else was doing it, i guess i'm the unlucky one. I don't deserve to be banned. I admit i did beat his ass, but it's not like it would affect him ICly plus he was fighting me also, just mad that he lost.


Supporting Evidence: 

I have no evidence, i don't need any evidence, Because i'm innocent. You can choose weather or not i come back onto the server, but if i do. I'll know how to handle a situation like that next time. I'm sorry.

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You admittedly carried a fight on in a safe zone, after punishing both players — you decided to DM the player in admin jail which is not allowed, even if you don't lose anything.


You've been unbanned, please don't let this happen again.

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