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Franklin_Mendez : Bradley

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Topic Title: 

[Bradley]Franklin_Mendez   ,UCP name : Vercetti


Account Name: 

UCP name : Vercetti   ,IG name : Franklin_Mendez


Time & Date of the Incident: 

I don't remember exactly as my PC got damaged, but 4 days back i guess.


Ban Reason: 

Money Farming



Well We were planning to open faction and we needed some money to prepare everything before we make thread of faction on forum so we were collecting money and one guy said me it's allowed to give someone money so we decided to collect money and buy one crib for faction,I didnot know It wasn't allowed ,Hope i will get chance to be back ,My friend who gave me money got unbanned so i came to make unban app with a little hope ,Hope i will be unbanned as i am aware of it now ,



Supporting Evidence: This guy said me it's allowed so i collected money for buying house for our faction and everyone agreed to help me 

Screenshot  =    https://imgur.com/a/BiUxB

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Unbanned, all of your assets will be cleared and don't do it again.

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