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[b]General information:[/b] 
Name: Kelly Garett
Address: San Fierro, Kings Avenue, 154rd st. 
Phone number: 415-012-445
Highest level of education: G.D.E Degree
Position applying for: Highway

[b]Please describe your previous work experience.[/b] 
(( I really don't have anything of experience in that job, i have been in PD others servers, but yeah thats enough. Just wanna get experience in something new and i think it is Department of Roads. ))

[b]Please list your references' names and numbers, if you would like to add them.[/b] 

[b]Are you legally eligible for employment in the United States?:[/b] Yes  

[b]Are you at least 18 years of age?:[/b] Yes

[b]Have you worked for the San Andreas DOR in the past? If so, which office or location?:[/b]  No

[b]Do you have a valid driver's license?:[/b]  Yes

[b]Do you have a valid commercial driver's license ((truck/CDL)):[/b] No.
* Please note, obtaining a valid commercial driver's license within two weeks of employment will be required.

[b]Why do you want to work for the San Andreas Department of Roads and what skills do you have that would benefit our department? ((100 word minimum)):[/b]
The main reason why i wanna join to Department of Roads is, i think its for me and i wanna learn something new in my live, also i heard you looking for workers, then why not try and get experience.
Im honest, i don't know anything about Department of Roads, but i think im able to learn and stuff. In future i wanna join with San Fierro Police Department, then i can show something to them i have experience from Department of Roads and i think it would be awesome do be a part of DOR. Learn something what haven't learn before. 


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Thanks for your application. Please expect to hear from us within the next few days regarding your potential employment with us. 



Michael Scott 

District Manager

SanDOR District 2


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