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Master Account Name: Kevin_Mayhem
Character Name: Kevin_Martelly

Item Lost: 1 Experience Points
Brief description of how you lost the item: I've been playing for about two hours and I'm simply not getting paychecks sometimes. The time goes past :02 and the weather changes but no paycheck comes through. This isn't the first time it's happened but this is the only one I have proof of.

Supporting Evidence:




I waited past :07 and still no paycheck






I just played another hour and got paycheck however my EXP is not going up. I'd now like 2 EXP points to be added. Thank you!


Proof of /stats before and after paycheck. I was 2/10 Before, and 2/10 After. My EXP will not go up for some reason?





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Guest kane

You don't get EXP at paychecks, you get it when you've been on for an hour. 

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