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Blu. [NON-IG 3] [Discord]

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Player Name: 

supernerd2000 (Discord)


Reported Player:



Time & Date: 

17:13:00GMT - 03/03/2018 (of the incident) 



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Do not insult, cause or encourage people to flame on the forums. Repeatedly being aggressive towards other players or members of staff will lead to your account(s) being suspended. Any act of racism, discrimination or sectarianism is strictly forbidden.

Punishments: Message(s) removed, kick or warning . Varied on situation, offense may be bannable.



He came up in to Discord completely unprovoked, telling me to "Shut the hell up." He is obviously just trying to provoke me for whatever reason. I assume it has to do with some drama between us in the past, that he just seems to not be able to get over.




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You'll live. Ignore him.

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