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Johnson's Auto Garage- We're Hiring

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Short Story

The Johnson's Auto Garage was created by Kentrell Johnson, The idea came to Johnson when he and his mother went to a mechanic shop named Firestone he saw the employees working on vehicles removing bumpers and installing modifications, Ever since then as a kid he went to school to learn how mechanics work and how things go when working on a vehicle, Kentrell went to college for one year to learn vehicle mechanics and now he wants to run a mechanic business in Bay Area, In a abandon garage. Kentrell  has a couple of friends with him who know how to work on vehicles  and do amazing things, Johnson uses the money that he has to invest inside the garage to make it better and suitable for customers. Johnson's Auto Garage offer Car repairs, Oil changes, Tuning, Tire change, Engine work and More body work.  At Johnson's Auto garage we try to offer the best support in times when fixing on your vehicle we are working on getting a waiting room and more so customers have a place to wait while their car is being worked on The waiting room will include snacks and television and more to try and enjoy your time while we offer your service'. 





"This section shows you our prices for certain services needed for your vehicle"

Engine Repairs: 300$

Tire Change: 200$

Installing Tires or Rims: 650$ Depending on the wheels'. 

Engine Tuning: 150$

Oil Change: 25$

PaintJobs: 1500$

Respray: 400$

Extra Info:

You can have the information above by visiting the company's website, meaning all the information above is in the website. The sponsored part at the bottom can be seen in both website and in the garage. When role playing as mechanic repairing and all that stuff remember to keep it short, obviously people won't come to wait a hour for a car repair. But also make it between 5-10 mins you know keeping it RP and more interesting.


Also repairing screens will come soon and a lot of other things, I don't know the employee recruitment yet or how Im going to do it so just give me time right now ill stick with a short application and a group to join, Also sorry for the short story'. Also The list of repairs and rims and things i can't actually do so you wont be really charged for those until it all comes into effect so therefore it'll just be RPed, But you won't have to pay for anything just yet.


Faction Rules:

Faction Rules are simple with this faction, First if you have a weapon  don't bring it around the business because its a safe zone, Second don't try to overcharge anyone for something that's really simple, Third Keep EVERYTHING you do ICly i want to try and make this a good faction and make the server better by adding something like this. Basically Just Role play all i ask. 


Faction Application Format:

First name:

Last Name:




Phone Number:

Do you have a Degree:

Did you finish high school:

Have you ever had experience with vehicles:

What are your interests with us:

IF accepted what part would you like to apply for(Mechanic, Cashier, Janitor, Painter etc.):


Faction Application Information:

Once the application is filled out fully with correct information, Send it to me Via PM and i will read over it reminder that once you do that act like your sending me it through email so keep it ICly' when doing it, Also the phone number you put there is the number we WILL be contacting you by if you don't come around or we can't reach you in 3 Days your application will be revoked, But you may apply again there is not a time limit to how long you have to wait to apply.


Faction Rank/Business Spots And Explanation:

Head Mechanic/CEO: The Head Mechanic has the part of taking control of anything around the business, He/She makes

the decision of what happens in the company.


Assistant: The Assistant takes control of the money and orders that come to the business He/She will handle

Bills, Payment and Money Control, Or keeping track of the Cash to make sure everything is going well and they aren't going



Artist Mechanic: The Artist Mechanic plays the part of handling paint jobs and very nice paints on vehicles he/she is

the only Person that can do Paints and Resprays around the business because that's their profession.

Janitor: The Janitor plays the part of keeping the business straightened up making sure floors are swept and the waiting

room is kept nice or sweeping the garage when needed. 


Cashier: The Cashier handles the front desk where people will order their desired modifications for their vehicle


Professional Mechanic: The Professional mechanic is a guy who works on Body work, and Engine work,

and Knows what he's doing when it comes to vehicles 


Novice Mechanic: The Novice Mechanic is just a regular mechanic he handles Oil Changes, And Other simple 

Damages to the vehicle.

(More will be added soon once i think of more that might be needed)







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