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More Jobs Suggestions

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Since there isn't many jobs available, I thought I give a few of my suggestions:


Another Trucker Job (Or Lorry Driver):

This time you can deliver fuel to Fuel Stations (using lorry with the Fuel Tank attached to the Tractor Unit) around San Fierro, as well as having standard van deliveries (As the current Trucker Job we have). Also deliver new cars to the Car Dealerships around SF, as well.


Pizza Boy:

This will be delivering Pizzas around SF, this is the most common job for a beginner job.


Tow Service:

Pick up vehicles for Law Enforcement or receiving a call for a Tow Truck 


Roadside Mechanic:

Instead of going to the Mechanic Shop (this is if your vehicle is broken down), you can request a Roadside Mechanic via your phone.


Drug Dealer:

Plant, grow drugs and sell them all around SF.  If you have the right equipment & ingredients to make the Drugs. 


Weapons Dealer:

Instead of going to the gun store, you can make guns or buy them of anyone in the street. If you have the right equipment to make the guns. 


That's all the suggestions I have. Feel free to let me know what you guys thing about these suggestions.



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Few jobs are currently already being developed, which include mechanic (roadside mechanic), fishing, and construction. I think all other jobs' suggestion should be held off until all the bugs are completely fixed in the server and these new jobs are implemented without any issues.

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