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San Fierro High school

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Hello evryone, my name is Danikus and Im now starting my fist suggestion that I think he's gonna be great.

First of all if you want this suggestion to be added please when you reply to this topic at the end of your message type PRO//VERSUS

PRO-I want this to be added

VERSUS-I don't like this suggestion



Ok so the suggestion is about a faction named San Fierro High school (only proffesor/principal etc)

If the high school is gonna be added in San Fierro most of the gang members can roleplay there , you can roleplay if you're not from a gang ETC.

But this will have to be realistic, that means that you will need to make an application as your parents telling that you want to add your kid to the school .

There  can be so many reasons to be added in a school 

ex:moving from another school , going for the first time at the school ETC.

The high school is gonna be a public zone with security at the enterance of the school with metal detectors  because in America there are metal detectors and security ETC.


Only proffesors , security , janitors will be members of the high school Faction .

I've seen this on another servers and I want to add this here too .

Why is this idea good?
Because you can make new friends at the school

The high school will be a zone where you can evolve your roleplay 

Play with your friends basket 

As a proffesor you can teach kids math/english and other 

You can join the high school basket/baseball team.

You can be a bully  making fun of the other kids

If this suggestion is gonna be accept I will make a topic on the Factions section.


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