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Elisa Blaze [Toxicity] (DISCORD)

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Player Name: 

Martin Osborn


Reported Player:

Elisa Blaze (Discord name)


Time & Date: 

09:25:00 - 27/02/2018 (of the incident) 



Rule 11 (Abusive or Offensive Language)



So I was just talking about EXP on discord then I get tagged by the user Elisa Blade getting called a faggot and a (Hidden). When I ask him who he is he responds that he's from NGRP and that I am a low life (Hidden). I have never talked to him/her once.




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If you have the full uncropped version of the screenshot, re-make the report so I can see what server, channel, and what started the conversation. Otherwise no action will be taken.

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