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[BA-RP] Guides list

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Guides list
Beginners guides
The list will be updated frequently.

If you haven't found your thread on the list, expect it added in less than 24 hours from now on.

BARP Beginner's Map by Blarzard
[STARTING GUIDE] New to the server and don't know where to start? by Saint
[Feature Guide] Trucking Job by Giga
[Guide] User Control Panel by Mikee
[GUIDE] Car Paintjobs by Mondim 
BARP Official Vehicle List & Prices by vans
BARP Official Vehicle Color Respray & Location! by vans
[Newbie Guide] How to obtain driver license! by vans
[Newbie Guide] Jobs and their location + Information! by vans
Accessories by 
[Guide] Safe Zones Locations with pictures by vans
Lumberjack Guide by: Dunwich the Lumberjack by Dunwich
[BA-RP] Animations guide (w/ PREVIEW) by Ermetano


Roleplaying in a faction, where to start? by Montreal
You & Your Character by Conspiracy
What to do, what to roleplay? by Frezeli
[GUIDE] Roleplaying a 1%er biker. by Xenpai
Italian Organized Crime (Mafia Crime) by Mikee
Russian/Armenian organized crime roleplay guide + grammar and guns by John Stallion
Slavic gangster guide.  by Boogeyman
How to roleplay a Serbian mobster by TeodoraMk
[GUIDE] How to roleplay a Georgian character by 
[GUIDE] Georgian subculture (Thieves in law) by SadSisyphus
[GUIDE] Georgian terms by SadSisyphus
Roleplaying a Modern Irish Mob. by Inimene123
Roleplaying a Russian. by Inimene123
Extensive guide to roleplaying Chinese by Montreal
The Guide to LCN  by Anthony_Gennaro
Common gangster slangs. by Larry
[Guide] Basic Hispanic Slang by vans
RP Guide 4 New Players by King Lathifa
[TIP] Invite roleplay, don't push it away! by Highwire
Life - Take or give. by dollar
Evading from police - worth it or not? by Nightcall
Common Grammar Mistakes in Roleplay by The Stick-Up Man
Drugs Guide by The Stick-Up Man
Billie's Excellent Tattoo Guide by Zenophobia
Gang Character Development Guide by Pluto
Realistic & Modern Factions by The Stick-Up Man
* Heroin guide by Frezeli

Screenshot guide

Screenshot bind. by crimeson
Gang Mentality's screenshot guide. by Gang Mentality
Shot's screenshot guide by Shots
 How To Edit Screenshots Fast! | Using MS Paint by Saint
* How To Edit Screenshots Fast! | Using Photoshop by Saint
[Guide] The fastest way to edit your screenshots! by vans
[GUIDE] Revival of Timothy Smalls' screenshots guide by Bouncer


How to verify your Discord account  by josef
[Mods] How to use Modloader  by Zope
* [GUIDE] How to install cache files properly by Ermetano
Airwalk's autohotkey by Airwalk
Brief Rigging Guide (skins rigging) by Charlie Brown
Skin Rendering in 3ds Max 2010 by Conspiracy
UVW mapping. by Charlie Brown
[Tutorial] Texturing the faces by Topshooter
Weapon Modding in 3ds Max 2010 by Conspiracy
Server ping and SA:MP for dummies by Targus
Steam Users Guide For: Downgrading GTA. by Labyrinth
Crash addresses: Reasons and Solutions by vans

Edited by Ermetano
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Nice one.New people would find loads of help from here.

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A navigator; just what people need!

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Thanks guys, appreciated for the comments.


Had no internet for past 4 days, sorry for a bit of delay, I'll start editing in the guides left today.

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Updated. 4/3/2018

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