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[TIP] Invite roleplay, don't push it away!

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While the common consensus on most serious roleplay servers is to immerse yourself into various situations without breaking character, I have a brief point to make which hopefully will inspire you guys to get the most out of your roleplay situations.


One thing I have noticed is characters with the typical tough guy mentality will push players away in order to look hard, or bigger than them. To inflate the character's ego. I am very much for sticking to your character, so if that is how you would like to play, so be it. But I guarantee you will gain more out of every situation if, rather than instantly robbing/fighting/telling the other character off, you use a bit of creativity to assert your dominance. For example, on other heavy RP servers, I've seen gang characters give the randoms in their hood jobs. This shows to them that you're the boss, and through intimidation, you can get them to do literally anything. When I was a new outsider in a large faction's hood, one of the insiders of a gang shat in a paper bag and made me try to sell it to prove myself. I somehow ended up scamming someone for $5000, making them think it was a pistol (luckily they didn't open the bag), which provided great roleplay for me, the insider, and the person who got scammed for a bag of poop. It made him look assertive to his followers, and me look like an amazing, yet desperate, hustler. It doesn't have to be as silly as that example. But the point is, rather than telling someone lingering in your hood to "run", or giving a really exhausting interrogation of who they are and what "hood" they rep, make them do something stupid. Or, alternatively, get them to do something to prove themselves they're worthy of your presence. Every altercation doesn't have to end up being violent, nor does it have to end up being a boring conversation where both parties walk away. Think about it like this: If you were watching a TV show, and every single person in the neighborhood that the main character approached was told to fuck off with no real conflict or premise, would that be a very interesting show? Might be funny for a minute but more-so a waste of time for both the viewer and the actor. Spice things up a bit: engage them in conversation, give them a tour of the hood if they're new, trick/deceit them; do something to give the scene some depth.


Going off of my brief point of boring conversations, anti-social behavior also belongs a mention here. On each level of roleplay server, I'm sure we all have witnessed the typical faction outsiders who lean on walls, or sit on the ground in a typical hangout spot, waiting to be noticed. My theory is that these players take this game as a bit more RPGish than it is and take joining a faction as a goal they don't want to fail at. Or they are filled with anxiety IRL because they don't know what to do. How do you meet people in real life? Do you sit on a fence by yourself twiddling your thumbs until the guy down the road notices you and says hi? Unless you look like James Franco and are picking up girls at the club, I doubt you do that. There has to be some sort of IC premise for wanting to meet these people. Are you broke? Ask if there's any job postings in the area and let them know you're from there. If they look a bit flashy, tell them you'll help them with anything for money. As nooby as it may sound, it's much better than sitting on the ground, awkwardly waiting for something to happen. Worst case scenario you get told to fuck off, come back, and try again tomorrow. Are you just looking for friends? Civilians can look for club openings, house parties, restaurants, apply for jobs, etc. Are you just angry or bitter and looking to blow off some steam? Look for a gym, or vent to someone from the same hangout spot as you, and have your new friend tag along to solve your dilemma. Additionally, starting conversations may be difficult for a lot of people. But if someone approaches you with an odd situation, or tries to immerse you in some potentially great roleplay, don't sit there giving stale responses. You may not know how to respond, but replying with "Yeah", "Sure", "K", "Whatever", are conversation killers (ask any woman), unless you actually are too busy for whatever they want, but if you truly are then state it up-front and don't waste time. If you have time for a side-scene to occur in your busy day, allow it, it might lead to something great.


Without rambling on further, the point here is to find the reason you want to interact with people, and act on it! What a waste of time sitting around doing nothing is. Stepping out of your comfort zone is a big part of the game, and plays a large role in the basis of roleplay: reacting to various situations. The same played-out activities and trying to look tough over trying to be interesting gets old very quick. Grow a pair, get out there, and be interesting! I guarantee you will take your roleplay to new heights, spend countless more hours enjoying yourself rather than being bored, and be viewed by others as an exceptional roleplayer.

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Nice point you got there.

Well done.

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