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[GUIDE] Installing the cache files properly

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Ermetano    204

A lot of people have been asking why does it keep redownloading the extra 0.3DL files for them even though they've followed every step in Giga's file.


The answer is simple, you need to rename the folder whenever the IP changes (server moves, management announces new ip), or else it will keep redownloading it whenever the ip changes, and you may have errors aswell.


To avoid this issue, follow these simple steps:

*- If you have already extracted the folder:

Go to [Documents/GTA San Andreas User Files/SAMP/cache] and change the extracted folder's ip to current Bay Area Roleplay IP which is "" without quotes.


*- If you haven't done anything yet

1. Download the cache folder that is updated with the current server's ip on official link provided by Giga, an administrator of BARP (proof)https://gigabitz.pw/files/bay_cache.zip
2. Copy the "" FOLDER (not the files inside) to [Documents/GTA San Andreas User Files/SAMP/cache]. This may vary if you changed your cache storage from your SA-MP client settings.
3. Connect to the server. 

Hope this was usefull, if your game still has "downloading" thing when you enter the server, leave a comment.

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