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[INFO] Refund Appeal Guidelines

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Refund Appeal Guidelines

If, for some reasons, you lost your in-game items or assets caused by a server bug, you may be eligible to appeal for a refund, provided that the following requirements are met.

1. There must be a form of valid, unedited proof that shows that your account owns (not only possess) the targeted asset(s). In addition, you must use '/stats' to show your current account state.
2. The only acceptable platform of evidence are screenshots, videos, and confirmation from an administrator. The full screenshot/video is required, therefore cropped screenshots and videos are not valid. Chat logs and asking to check the server logs will not be considered. Screenshots must have the server HUD for date/time enabled.
3. You will need to post supporting evidence in the refund appeal, otherwise, the refund appeal will be rejected. We're not required to check over the logs for / evidence/ about your refund request.
4. You must use the format (thread title and request form) provided below. Any thread that does not use or follow the format will be archived at the discretion of the handling administrator or developer.
5. The decision of the handling administrator is final. Kindly refrain from re-posting refund appeals that was already denied.
If you cannot meet these requirements, please do not bother requesting a refund, otherwise the handling administrator reserves the right to close your request.

Requirements to be further expanded.

THREAD TITLE: [Type of Item Lost] Character Name

Choices for Type of Item: Cash, Property, Statistics, Weapon
Master Account Name:
Character Name:

Item Lost:
Brief description of how you lost the item:

Supporting Evidence:


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THREAD TITLE: [Type of Item] Character Name

Item Type Choices: Cash, Property, Statistics, Weapon

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The requirements for refund appeals are being changed. Added point 3 and some changes are made over point 2.

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