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Kimberly Valentine - Scamming

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Player Name: 

Matthew Venturas


Reported Player:

Kimberly Valentine


Time & Date: 

See timestamp for time, (GMT+1) 26/02/2018



Scamming a new player, vehicle transfer.



I was buying a player vehicle, she told me I could buy it for 8 grand. I gave her the cash and then she ran off, telling me 'Enjoy'. I later Pmed her asking if she could transfer the car and she told me to ask an admin to transfer it. When I tried to stop her, she told me to stfu and ignored me, taking my car.
I don't believe you can scam as to my understanding this can be done at level 3. 
I'm a new player and really dissapointed already.

I want my cash back, and go on with my RP adventure.
Tim Millington is a witness, he can vouch. (@Tim)

Also Cornelious Broussard can



https://imgur.com/a/gwIX7 (album - bottom to up is the correct order)

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Well, considering the rule for the scamming was JUST edited to make it so you can't scam a player under level 3, I didn't have knowledge of that. 


Although, I do understand that 99% of players on the server are Level 1 and 2. I don't think it's quite fair to have a rule restricting that as we're all new here, and here to roleplay. I do think that you were not cautious enough ICly, and from an OOC perspective didn't understand that there's no options to actually sell vehicles yet. 


Vehicle scams like this happen on Craigslist all of the time, so I see no reason why I shouldn't be able to do it here, considering my player is in a massive hysteria to up her bank account. Things happen, bud. I don't understand why you couldn't just take this as a lesson and roll with it, instead you turned a roleplay scene into a /b fest about you getting scammed. 


I will not respond here until an admin reviews this. 

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I also would like to point out a case quite similar to mine that were involved with the confusion of this level 3 rule; 




Edited by Future

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Your case is not similar to that. The rules has been established when this incident happened and there is a difference in the technicality. You're actually leaving him the car and told him to get it from an admin knowing that there isn't anything he can do with it. For that reason, I'm gonna give you this one ajail free card and refund his money. However, if this happened again, you will not have the same leniency.



@Venturas I have your $8000. Find me IG for your refund.


Edit: Note to self: @Future spoke to me IG and asked for 3 days to have the $8000 in hand so his money is not on the negatives. He has until the 1st of March until the $8000 is taken again.

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