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[Guide] Basic Hispanic Slang

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I didn't make this guide and I gave the credits to CREZ for making it. I just posted it here so it will be way more easier for us to find it, if needed.
This quick guide is to fill you in on some of the basics...

Baro - Money.
Bronca - Conflict with someone else.
Cantón - Home; House; Apartment 
Carnal - Brother, close friend, homeboy.
Carrucha/Carro - Car/Your ride.
Carrujo - A joint.
Chale' - An expression of disagreement. Very much like saying "Hell no!"
Chavala - Little girl. Used as an insult to men who lack courage.
Chavalo - Young boy.
Chela - Beer.
Chido - An expression of like, as if to say something is 'cool', 'rad' or 'awesome'.
Chorra - Dick/Penis
Cuete - Gun.
Ene - Short for Norteño, often Norteño's refer to eachother by saying ene. Example: "Fuck yeah! Let's go get that fine ass ride 'ene!"
Ena - Short for Norteña. Example: "Fuck yeah! Let's go get that fine ass ride 'ena!"
Esa - Short for Sureña. Example: "Fuck yeah! Let's go get that fine ass ride 'esa!"
Ese - Short for Sureño. Example: "Fuck yeah! Let's go get that fine ass ride 'ese!"
Feria - Money.
Filero - Knife.
Fusca - Also 'Gun', just as 'Cuete'.
Gabacho/a - Insulting term for a white person. 
Gringo - Insulting term for a white person
Grifa/Mota - Marijuana.
Grifo - Marijuana addict. If an experienced player says "Grifo" he may be referring to an older player in the old-school Los Locotes gang who was a famous rapper IC.
Homes - The same as saying "Homeboy".
Hyna - A girl or a girlfriend.
Jefa/Jefita - Mother.
Jefito - Father.
Jefe' - Boss.
Jura - Police.
Leva - Coward.
Mayate/Mayata' - Insult for dark skinned people. 
Nel - No.
No Manches - Don't mess around!
Órale - Right on! Alright! Hell yeah! Example: Let's go fuck up those norte's ese! ORALE!
Ojete - Asshole.
Por Vida'- Forever.
Panocha - Pussy.
Panzon - Fat man.
Pedo - Problem. No, not pedophile!
Pendejo - Dickhead, also an extremely foolish person, a coward
Perico - Cocaine.
Puto - Faggot, Gay individual. 
Pendido - High on substances.
Qué onda? - "What's up?"
Ranfla - A car, generally a low-rider.
Rifamos - "We rule"
Ruca - Old woman.
Ruco - Old man.
Swata - Idiot.
Sureño South Sider that orginated from the Mexican Mafia. Sureno's are associated to the number: 13 (because the 'S' is the 13th number in the alphabet) and to color blue.
Tecato - Heroin addict.
Tinto - Derogatory reffering to an African-American 
Varrio/Barrio - Neighborhood or hood
Vato - Dude/Guy/Man.
Surputo/Surcaca - Insulting way of saying Sureño. Example: "Fuck you Surpoto!" "Fuck all you Surcaca's!"
Norputo/Norcaca - Insulting way of saying Norteño. Example "Fuck you Norputo!" "Fuck all you Norcaca's!"


opefully this short guide clears up a few basic terms for all you new to Hispanic role-play!
Stay safe!
Credits; CREZ


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