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AEGIS Dynamics - Services

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Aegis Dynamics Offer a varying amount of services for you, your land and your rights. Check below to see what you can obtain from us.


Land Defense: Do you need a plot of your land under tight security? We've got you covered, you can obtain either a personalized team of Non-Lethal or Lethal Security, keeping your land free of pesky intruders.
Price: $2500 per week for a small property, $5000 per week for businesses, large plots of land and ect.


Event ProtectionIs your company planning something special and important? We've got you covered, literally. We will have guards out on patrol, searching for any possible threat, and bringing them down. We can also bring in some of our fancy gadgets, like our Metal Detectors, and Tazers, to ensure everyone is safe.
Price: (Non-Lethal) $2000 per hour. 
(Lethal) $5000 per hour.


Private Protection: Are you in some serious trouble with some serious people? Aegis Dynamics can have you protected from any threat. We can have armed or unarmed guards making sure nobody gets the upper-hand on you.
Price: Dependent on how dangerous the threats concerning you are, as well if Non-Lethal or Lethal defense is required.

Overseas Operations: Is your country in some serious danger, do you need a special task-force of elite soldiers to protect any valuable information? Aegis Dynamics has you and your country sorted. We can head out to whatever location needed, aslong as if you are a U.S ally within our forces. We do have small bases set out in rather high-risk locations; eg. Afghanistan and Pakistan, along with Iraq.

Price:$500,000 per contract.

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