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Correctional Facility

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  • The front gate is still bugged for example;
    • When you open the gate it shows "You've closed the front entrance".
    • When you close the gate it shows "You've opened the front entrance".
  • You freeze upon entering the processing room (and the mobile database computer should work inside it).
  • You cannot enter the control room at all.
  • Apparently regular players can open the gate outside and inside the processing room (@apathy / @Bospy).
  • Upon exiting the prison, you get spammed with messages saying you're released and the inmate text label doesn't clear (https://i.imgur.com/HIB2c79.png).
  • Upon logging back in-game, you're assigned two cells (not sure if fixed @Zapper) [https://i.imgur.com/O2LYsKQ.png].

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