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Driving License Bug - Passed (Requesting Refund)

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I was told I could do the test by giga and you would refund me. Below I have posted the SS of me passing it also a few extra ones showing you i am doing the test.


Time & Date: 22:12:58 - 25/02/2018
Player Name: Richard_Johnson
Bug Type: Gamemode

Description: No license after passing test.



Passed Image: https://gyazo.com/592d4ae114988b81123ca55ee46af68d

During Test 1: https://gyazo.com/f627e859c8d3aecd3dfc8ab800c9d937

Durning Test 2: https://gyazo.com/74dec9a58f5f8650b5e44bbd7e87e55c






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Guest kane

Was fixed

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