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Kiełbasa Posse

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Childhood and backround



Kiełbasa Posse is a criminal corporation run by the Jarwarski brothers. The two brothers grew up together in rural Poland on a farm with their somewhat small family. They grew up living average lives until about the age of 14 when the two brothers finished at what the time was considered a reasonable education. The farm they'd lived on was taken off them as their father never completely owned it and turned out having some unpaid finances. This led to the divorce of the parents which left both the brothers in shock as-well as poverty. Their father had completely abandoned them and their mother to find work in America, as Poland was too poor of a country. Neither brother knew what to do or what was going on so they both looked for an easy way out. They tried working but both of them weren't satisfied with the pay or the hours. They tried working in Pizzerias, Cafes, Grocery stores giving each a decent go. Both the parents worked but refused to help each other out giving the brothers the impression that they weren't loved by their father. This was hard hitting for both the brothers and directed the duo towards a dark, brutal and unethical path of life.



A criminals beginning


The brothers started small, petty crimes. Before they done this, they worked along-side a close family friend's Cafe and used this as a cover-up for their drug smuggling/dealing needs. After the duo made up small gains from their drug related business they decided it was time for a step-up. The duo began getting themselves involved in Armed robberies and Kidnappings. They generally hung out with a Polish group of Youths that never came across as any form of danger. The youth group was another way for Andrzej and Piotr to cover up, they both generally came across as polite young gentlemen, as they told no-one about their criminal activities apart from the people they committed them with.



A criminals dream


The year 2014. The two brothers move on. The Polish youths they'd usually hung out with got broken up. People began questioning the brothers intentions, their true lives. The cover was gone, the brothers had to act fast. They ran away from the city and using the money they've gathered made it to the sub-urban district of San Fierro alongside their mother. The duo quickly made friends and with that they made contacts with what came more crime opportunities. The two brothers grew heartless, they grew colder, but remained gentlemen to the public. They realised that they weren't the only poles interested in making the American currency. They quickly climbed the food chain making more and more money for themselves and their new found Polish brotherhood. They hired people to do simple jobs for them, commit their dirty work. The duo was not involving themselves in Murders, Extortion and Human Trafficking, The duo had never been happier, opportunities arising left and right and they grabbed each and every single one possible.




OOC Information

We require all players to follow all server rules at ALL times.
We want to produce the best Roleplay opportunities for everyone. So if a leader or boss isn't online don't make that a reason for you not to Roleplay. Make your own scenarios. 

Upon joining we expect you to post screenshots from day one. At least one screenshot every time you log on to make sure everyone is putting in an effort towards the OOC thread. If this is not fulfilled you will be kicked out of the faction. 


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Lets make this last, Nasty. We got this.

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