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[DamianC] zay#4397

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Account Name: 



Time & Date of the Incident: 

Not sure the time, - 2/25/2018


Ban Reason: 

Flooding the general chat.



At first he muted me and then banned me. I basically was told in the general voice chat from someone"everyone spam the chat that bay area is open", so I did and It got be a discord ban.

 I feel bad about this, this wont happen ever again from me, I'm already messing up and the server has not even opened yet.Not sure why i'm the one who got banned and other people didnt who spammed.

Supporting Evidence: https://gyazo.com/f1847427d1e33ab279835076c774a4a7


I ask for this post to be removed if viewed by an admin thank you.I dont want it to show up on my profile feed.

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Getting banned on a server not even up is a sign you'll eventually be right back in here. Don't re-make this topic.

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