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Giovanni ”Johnny” Sgroi

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Eugene Rovigatti (left) and Giovanni Sgroi (right)




* Giovanni Sgroi pulls back one of the chairs and takes a seat.
* Giovanni Sgroi catches sight of Eugene from over his shoulder.
Eugene Rovigatti says: Afternoon.
* Giovanni Sgroi ups his chin at him, ''How you doin'?''
Eugene Rovigatti says: Eh, can't complain. What about you?
* Giovanni Sgroi has a duffel bag slung over his shoulder. He drops it at his feet.
Giovanni Sgroi says: Good.
* Giovanni Sgroi is dressed in slim wool stretch trousers, plain black tee, and Oxfords.
* Eugene Rovigatti would be wearing a green Adidas tracksuit along with white Adidas running shoes and a cheap watch.
Eugene Rovigatti says: So you work around'ere?
Giovanni Sgroi says:First day.

Eugene Rovigatti says: Same same.
Giovanni Sgroi says: Sonny said I start five.
* Giovanni Sgroi looks at his Ambassador Heritage 1863 wristwatch.

Giovanni Sgroi says: I was hopin' to start early.
Eugene Rovigatti says: Name's Gene by the way.
* Giovanni Sgroi pushes himself up to his feet.
* Giovanni Sgroi extends his right hand.
Giovanni Sgroi says: Johnny Sgroi.
* Eugene Rovigatti firmly handshakes Giovanni as he speaks.
Eugene Rovigatti says: Pleasure.
* Giovanni Sgroi has rough hands from construction labor and boxing.
* Giovanni Sgroi too has a firm grip.
Eugene Rovigatti says: You from here?
* Giovanni Sgroi overlooks the construction site.
Giovanni Sgroi says: Yeah.
Eugene Rovigatti says: Yeah? How long have ya been working for Sonny?
* Giovanni Sgroi appears to be in his early to mid-twenties but he looks older than he is.
Giovanni Sgroi says:First day today.
Eugene Rovigatti says: Oh I guess we're on the same line.
Eugene Rovigatti says: I'm from Florida, arrived here last week.
Eugene Rovigatti says: Got in trouble ova' there, misconduct.
Eugene Rovigatti says: So I moved ova'ere once I was out.
* Giovanni Sgroi nods his head to Eugene's story.
* Giovanni Sgroi doesn't say anything.
Eugene Rovigatti says: Let's hope it all goes well ova'ere .
Giovanni Sgroi says: The word on the street is good.

* Giovanni Sgroi refers to Bulkings Construction Company, LLC.
* Eugene Rovigatti slides out his Marlboro packet from his pocket and slips a cigarette out of it.
* Eugene Rovigatti puts the cigarette between his lips and stops.
Eugene Rovigatti says: Want a smoke?
* Giovanni Sgroi shakes his head, ''No, I'm good.''
Giovanni Sgroi says: Thanks.
* Eugene Rovigatti shrugs as he places the packet back in his pocket, and takes out his lighter.
* Giovanni Sgroi has a buff body. He's well built, strong and muscular.
* Eugene Rovigatti lights up the cigarette and holds th cigarette between two fingers as he puffs the smoke upward.
Giovanni Sgroi says: Where do you live now?
Eugene Rovigatti says: A motel up town .
Eugene Rovigatti says: Costs me about two grand a month.
Eugene Rovigatti says: What about ya?
Giovanni Sgroi says: What about me?
* Giovanni Sgroi scans his surroundings.
Eugene Rovigatti says: Yeah, where do you live?
Giovanni Sgroi says: Down the street.
Giovanni Sgroi says: Reagan Avenue East.
Eugene Rovigatti says: An apartment or you're renting like I do?
* Giovanni Sgroi stretches his neck.
Giovanni Sgroi says: I rent.
* Giovanni Sgroi glances at his feet and kicks a small rock.
* Giovanni Sgroi gets dirt on his Oxfords. He doesn't mind.
* Giovanni Sgroi takes a look around.
Eugene Rovigatti says: Good good.
* Eugene Rovigatti takes a deep breath of his cigarette and puffs the smoke upward.
* Giovanni Sgroi changes the subject.
Giovanni Sgroi says: You got Sonny's number?
Eugene Rovigatti says: Not really.
Eugene Rovigatti says: I met him yesterday, all we talked about is work and that was it.
* Giovanni Sgroi nods his head silently.
Eugene Rovigatti says: I mean, the workplace looks good and all.
Eugene Rovigatti says: Good thing I found a job in the first week.
Giovanni Sgroi says: Real good.
Eugene Rovigatti says: You discussed wages with him?
Giovanni Sgroi says: No.
* Giovanni Sgroi fixes his gaze on Eugene.
Giovanni Sgroi says: I didn't discuss wages with him.
Giovanni Sgroi says: I was happy to get the job.
Eugene Rovigatti says: Yeah me too, I guess we gotta be grateful that we at least found something to keep us standing.
Giovanni Sgroi says: I used to work for Final Build.
* Giovanni Sgroi gives no follow-up to the story.
Eugene Rovigatti says: Where is that?
* Giovanni Sgroi sniffs.
Giovanni Sgroi says: They had a few projects.
Giovanni Sgroi says: They built the roads department in Garcia.
* Giovanni Sgroi looks straight ahead.
* Eugene Rovigatti puffs the smoke out as he listens to Giovanni.
Eugene Rovigatti says: They any good?
Giovanni Sgroi says: They go way back but they've lost most of their market share to new companies.
Giovanni Sgroi says: New companies movin' in.
Giovanni Sgroi says: I worked for them for four years before they laid me off because they couldn't get new contracts.
Eugene Rovigatti says: Companies move in, but we stay where we are.
Eugene Rovigatti says: What a god damn shame.
* Giovanni Sgroi shrugs his shoulders.
Giovanni Sgroi says: What you gonna do?
* Giovanni Sgroi asks a rhetorical question.
Eugene Rovigatti says: I need a game changer.
Eugene Rovigatti says: I mean construction is good but is that gonna make me a future? A house, a car, feed my family?
Giovanni Sgroi says: Construction is safe but I'm always lookin' for side hustles.
Giovanni Sgroi says: I ain't gonna be shovelin' dirt for the rest of my life.
* Giovanni Sgroi tells flat out he wants to be rich.
Eugene Rovigatti says: Exactly man.
* Eugene Rovigatti sighs as he drops his cigarette on the ground and steps on it.
* Eugene Rovigatti takes out his red Marlboro packet and slips out another cigarette.
* Eugene Rovigatti puts the cigarette between his lips and lights it up.
* Giovanni Sgroi takes note of Eugene's chain-smoking habit.
Eugene Rovigatti says: You know any bar around here?
Giovanni Sgroi says: There's a joint down the road but it's not open yet.
Eugene Rovigatti says: Jesus it's pretty hard to get a drink around'ere.
Giovanni Sgroi says: Most of the neighborhood goes there most evenings.
* Eugene Rovigatti checks his watch and sighs.
Eugene Rovigatti says: Hours before evening.
Giovanni Sgroi says: I think I'm workin' the evenin' shift tonight.
Eugene Rovigatti says: Oh really?
Eugene Rovigatti says: I forgot, you told me about your five o'clock shift.
Giovanni Sgroi says: Sonny said I start five. I came early hopin' I could start early.
Giovanni Sgroi says: More hours, more money.
Eugene Rovigatti says: You enjoy the work?
Giovanni Sgroi says: I don't hate it if that's what you're askin'.
* Giovanni Sgroi cracks a thin smile.
Giovanni Sgroi says: To be frank, demolition is fun.
Eugene Rovigatti says: Everyone likes destroying stuff.
Eugene Rovigatti says: But building? That's a long boring process If ya ask me.
Giovanni Sgroi says: I'm more of a wreckin' ball type of guy. If I get put on the crane.
Eugene Rovigatti says: I'd like to do something such as contracting.
Giovanni Sgroi says: But I don't mind manual labor.
* Giovanni Sgroi has a buff body. He prods his chest after he says manual labor.
* Giovanni Sgroi implies he's not afraid to get his hands dirty.
* Eugene Rovigatti looks at Giovanni smiling.
Eugene Rovigatti says: You got the shape for that buddy I can tell.
Giovanni Sgroi says: I have been workin' on construction since I was fourteen.
Giovanni Sgroi says: Been doin' sports since I was four.
* Giovanni Sgroi appears to be in his early to mid-twenties but looks can be deceiving in his case.
* Giovanni Sgroi has a five o'clock shadow early in the afternoon.
Eugene Rovigatti says: Damn man.
Eugene Rovigatti says: I worked in Miami docks, two years.

Giovanni Sgroi says: You into sports?
Eugene Rovigatti says: Well yeah, high school football team left wing.
Eugene Rovigatti says: But didn't make it due to an injury, still have regrets to this day.
Giovanni Sgroi says: I played in the youth baseball league, wanted to go pro.
Giovanni Sgroi says: They wouldn't take me because I was considered a troublemaker in school.
Giovanni Sgroi says: Started boxin' at fifteen.
Giovanni Sgroi says: I'm an amateur middleweight now, been trainin' for three years every day after work.
* Giovanni Sgroi gives away his real age of 18. He also reveals he dropped out of school to work construction and box.
* Giovanni Sgroi is a 5th generation Sicilian-American.
Eugene Rovigatti says: Boxing? That's pretty nice.
* Eugene Rovigatti taps on Giovanni's shoulder playfully.
* Giovanni Sgroi stands at 5 feet 9 inches and weighs around 154 pounds.
Eugene Rovigatti says: I guess I gotta call ya if someone plans to beat me up.
* Eugene Rovigatti chuckles.
* Giovanni Sgroi reveals his teeth through a smile.
Giovanni Sgroi says: I got your back.
Giovanni Sgroi says: I was born in New York but moved here as a kid.
Giovanni Sgroi says: I learned to fight at an early age. The streets, you know?
* Giovanni Sgroi talks about the streets as if he lived in the ghetto.
* Eugene Rovigatti listens as his cigarette is between his lips.
Eugene Rovigatti says: New York?
Eugene Rovigatti says: Lemme guess, Bronx?
Giovanni Sgroi says: Long Island, actually.
* Giovanni Sgroi smiles again.
Giovanni Sgroi says: You wouldn't think, would you?
Eugene Rovigatti says: Wouldn't've guessed that.
* Giovanni Sgroi nods his head, ''Yeah.''
Eugene Rovigatti says: So, what brought you to fag town?
Eugene Rovigatti says: No construction work ova there?
Giovanni Sgroi says: My pops is in jail, my mom moved here with me.
* Giovanni Sgroi honestly tells Eugene how it is.
Eugene Rovigatti says: Sorry to hear that pal.
Eugene Rovigatti says: What is he in for?
* Giovanni Sgroi wafts his hand, ''Don't worry about it.''
Eugene Rovigatti says: Whatever ya say.
Eugene Rovigatti says: Well, as long as moving here solved the problems, start a new life and forget about the rest of the shit.
Eugene Rovigatti says: I mean at least you had your mother.
Giovanni Sgroi says: I don't think he did it though.
Eugene Rovigatti says: Did what exactly?
Giovanni Sgroi says: Run numbers.
* Giovanni Sgroi gives a clue as to what his father got indicted for.
* Eugene Rovigatti shrugs.
Eugene Rovigatti says: Is he out yet?
Giovanni Sgroi says: He will be next year.
Giovanni Sgroi says: I have been goin' to see him.
Eugene Rovigatti says: I bet he's old now.
Eugene Rovigatti says: I was born in Miami, Florida.
Eugene Rovigatti says: Ma died in a car accident, got hit.
* Giovanni Sgroi lays his eyes on Eugene after a quick scope of his surroundings.
Eugene Rovigatti says: So my father raised me.
Eugene Rovigatti says: We moved a lot since he worked as a trucker.
Eugene Rovigatti says: For me, I was in high school till my senior year, then dropped out when my father got suspended from work.
Eugene Rovigatti says: That's when I went into going with fishers in the middle of the sea for few bucks daily.
Eugene Rovigatti says: Made enough to keep us alive till my father found a job.
* Eugene Rovigatti sighs as he tells his life story.
Eugene Rovigatti says: Spent years like that till I got my job in the docks, y'know moving boxes and all that.
* Giovanni Sgroi is all ears listening to Eugene.
Eugene Rovigatti says: Got involved with few fellas who used to smuggle some stuff, which are literally "stuff".
Eugene Rovigatti says: They got caught, and so did I.
Eugene Rovigatti says: But not enough evidence, so I was only in for not cooperating with the cops.
Eugene Rovigatti says: Spent few months in the can before leaving for "good conduct".
Eugene Rovigatti says: Now, here I am.
Giovanni Sgroi says: Fuck the cops.
* Giovanni Sgroi sees the law enforcement as the enemy for jailing his father early in his life.
Eugene Rovigatti says: Ey take it easy.
Eugene Rovigatti says: We do bad shit, they do their job.
Eugene Rovigatti says: With all due respect to your father.
* Giovanni Sgroi looks into the distance not saying a word.
Eugene Rovigatti says: But hey, why the fuck we talking like two depressed single mothers?
Eugene Rovigatti says: Cheer up.
* Giovanni Sgroi fakes a smile.
Giovanni Sgroi says: I ain't depressed.


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Giovanni Sgroi (foreground) and Christopher Fanculo (background)




* Giovanni Sgroi picks up a rock while Christopher is not watching, clenching his fist around it.
* Giovanni Sgroi holds it behind his buff body.
Christopher Fanculo says: It was nice meetin' ya.
Christopher Fanculo says: I gotta run.
Giovanni Sgroi says: Hold on.
Christopher Fanculo says: Hm?
Giovanni Sgroi says: I'll give you the key to the locker.
Christopher Fanculo says: Uh-
* Giovanni Sgroi walks up to Christopher and smashes his face with the rock.
Christopher Fanculo says: What's behind your...
Christopher Fanculo says: AH!
* Giovanni Sgroi tries to beat him to the ground.
* Christopher Fanculo would hold his face in agony, trying to walk away.
Christopher Fanculo says: SHIT!
* Christopher Fanculo begins limping away.
* Giovanni Sgroi forces him down on the ground.
Giovanni Sgroi says[low]: You shout I'll kill you.
* Giovanni Sgroi tackles him down.
Christopher Fanculo says: AH!
* Giovanni Sgroi drags him back into the shadow.
Christopher Fanculo says: SHIT!
Giovanni Sgroi says[low]: You fuckin' shout I'll kill you.
* Giovanni Sgroi covers Christopher's mouth and keeps punching him in the face.
Christopher Fanculo says: MMF!
* Giovanni Sgroi forces him down on the ground.
* Christopher Fanculo falls on the ground.
Christopher Fanculo says: DUDE.
Christopher Fanculo says: I THOUGHT YOU WERE DIFFERENT.
* Giovanni Sgroi whispers.
Giovanni Sgroi says[low]: That's for disrespectin' people you don't know.
Christopher Fanculo says: AH!
* Giovanni Sgroi stomps Christopher.
Giovanni Sgroi says: Always show respect around here.
Giovanni Sgroi says: You got it?
Christopher Fanculo says: YES, YES, YES I GOT IT.
* Giovanni Sgroi doesn't break Christopher's arms or legs.
Christopher Fanculo says: JUST DON'T KILL ME.
* Giovanni Sgroi busts his lip and nose with punches and kicks.
Christopher Fanculo says: Ah! Jesus fuck-
Giovanni Sgroi says: Now, go home and get yourself cleaned.
Giovanni Sgroi says: I want you at work on Thursday. Got it?
Christopher Fanculo says: Got it.
* Christopher Fanculo slowly gets up.
Giovanni Sgroi says: If you ain't here Thursday, don't ever come back.
Christopher Fanculo says: I'll be here.
* Christopher Fanculo rubs his face.
Giovanni Sgroi says: And remember, always respect the people around here.
* Giovanni Sgroi points his finger at Christopher.
Christopher Fanculo says: I will, yes sir.
Giovanni Sgroi says: Get outta here.
* Giovanni Sgroi shoos Christopher away.
* Christopher Fanculo wipes his face and walks away.



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Posted (edited)


Dominic Zetticci (left), Giovanni Sgroi (center) and Christopher Claracuzio (right)

Edited by Giovanni_Sgroi

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