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Flako Santo

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Flako Santo was born in California on the 29th of March, 2001. He grew up in Compton with his jamaican father and cuban mother. Since he was the only child they had, they wanted to give him a bright future. Both of them were working hard so Flako was able to go to school, learn how to play an instrument, all by all they wanted to give him a good time growing up even though they were living in a rough neighborhood.


Grewing up, Flako enjoyed being outside, hanging around. Most of the time you could find him at the basketball court where he would be playing around all day long. Further than that he learned how to play the piano and the guitar. He always had his iPod Nano with him that he got from his parents, he was never seen without having it with him. Music was an important thing in life for him and it still is.


At the age of eleven, Flako's parents tragically died in a car accident. When they were on their way home after work, gang members pulled up shooting all over the place. His parents got in panic and tried to get away from there. Sadly enough, they had a terrible accident and neither of them survived. Flako got sent to his uncle who was living in a motel room in Los Santos.


After living in Los Santos for three years with his uncle, a lot of things changed. Flako started experimenting with drugs and learned how to protect himself with weapons. He was sick of living with his uncle in a motel room, that's why he would be on the streets all time. After Flako got into some trouble and a group of gangbangers pulled up in front of his motel room, his uncle left without saying anything. Since that moment, Flako been on his own.


Flako knows his way how to handle things after living in Los Santos for a couple years now, . He started hustling around the streets, the only thing he would still care about is money. He was always busy finding ways to make money, he would never stop. Flako is sixteen years old now and he's trying his best to become big in the illegal scene but most of all, making money.
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This is fire.

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