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[GUIDE] Blackjack

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Explanation of Blackjack


Blackjack is one of the oldest and most popular casino games (also knows as twenty-one) . It's rules are easy and can be learned quickly, it can be currently played in-game using ( /dice ) as the casino system hasn't been decided yet either it'll be implemented for now or not yet.


The main goal of the Blackjack is getting as close as possible to a total sum of 21 for both dealer & player. If either of them hits above 21, he/she will bust and the opposite part will win.


After the player has placed the bet, the dealer withdraws two cards for the betting person ( King, Queen & Jack cards are counted as 10, Ace can be counted as both 1-11, depending of the gambler's decision ), After the person betting receives his cards, he can either hit ( requesting one more card ), stand ( sufficed with your cards' sum and turn to the dealer's turn ), or double ( requesting one more card, but doubling his first bet ).


The dealer MUST stand at 17 or above, and MUST hit at 16 or below. And the player is free to hit as much as he wants.


Ace in the hand of a dealer ; The ace in the hand of the dealer will always count as 11, unless it will lead him above 21, it would count as 1. 


Split cards; if a player gets for example two Queens, he can split them and play two hands at same time, with 1 queen at both of them. And he can hit/stand separately at each hand like explained above.


Re-Dealing; if both player & dealer got the same cards' sum ( for example 18 ), the dealer will just re-deal for the player and they both restart the game.


I hope this guide was useful for gambling newbies.

Note: Don't become addicted to gambling, because you'll end up loosing all your cash.

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Posted (edited)

You're explaining real life blackjack but when you play blackjack using dices in-game (/dice) you don't have aces, splits, etc. Also the rules of blackjack may vary as some dealers slightly change the rules, for example sometimes when you hit 21 it's a blackjack and you immediately win, the other time when you hit 21, the dealer still has a chance to go for a tie.

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