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Doyle Bagget

Doyle Bagget.

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Doyle Bagget






Bagget.., Bagget was a kid that never happen to have a father or a mother nearby him. His childhood was worse than a nightmare. Timmy used to play on the streets, collect rocks and do anything that can make him feel better. As a kid, Blacksmith loved playing football. He was recruited in one of the most prestigious teams in the city, as he was a defender. Blacksmith attended school, he was a perfect student, never gotten into troubles, portions of beef or so on. Doyle had heart problems at a time when he gets any type of emotions, his heart went to beat more than its supposed to, and that led to being a huge problem for him. He was once rushed to a hospital, as he was about to receive a heart attack, but he did not whatsoever. Bagget's mother used to be a shopper, but she then went having mental disabilities and she began buying marijuana, heroin and so on. Doyle was so depressed, he even considered suiciding once, but he did not. He still had something to fight and live for, even know it was small and almost a nothing. One day as coming back from school, Bagget saw two African-American kids assaulting a white kid. He never wanted to get involved in fights or anything, but he just couldn't stay there watching and doing simply nothing. He jumped one of the kids, got him to the ground, he then sent a punch to the other kid, and he got him laying on the ground as well. Doyle saved the kid and told him to go home. The other kids did not attack Doyle, as they saw he wasn't just an outsider who cannot defend himself. He went home, he made his homework and ate. Doyle was a calm kid, never liked being in fights, attending ones or starting a beef. He just wanted to be different, he wanted to be that one kid who people stare at and say ''This kid is just amazing!''. His father was a veteran, he used to be a specialist in the ARES Defence Solutions. Doyle's father retired from the position of Commander, he was like 58 years old at the time, and he just couldn't run that fast, and such. He decided to give the position to someone more responsible to the faction itself, and not ruin it. His father was a true legend, he led ARES to a successful future like he promised in one of his speeches. Doyle never liked the criminal stuff, he never wanted to be a ''thug'' or a gangster, or whoever you call it. All Bagget wanted is to protect the city from gang bangers, rapists, serial killers and such. But his dream was to become an FBI agent one day, to protect and serve, to show professionalism and loyalty. He finished college successfully, and he started searching for a job. He was later on hired in the police department, he achieved the position of Corporal, he was also a member of the FTO team. Doyle then resigned, because he wanted a better future, and maybe a shot in the bureau!

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Mr baguette 






Mr bag it?

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