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Lumberjack Job

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Feature Name: Lumberjack Job
Documentation Author(s): Bospy

Script Author(s): widqk






The Lumberjack Job is a job primarily geared around the menial task of cutting trees and separating them into logs. Unlike other jobs, the lumberjack job is the furthest away from spawn. Located southeast of Foster Valley and east of the S-Curve, the job is hidden off of the main road in a dirt road, marked by a sign.


The guide can be broken down into the following key points;


  • Head to the dirt road east of the S-Curve that branches off northbound. It is up a hill and marked.
  • At the job site, type "/lumberjack become" and then "/lumberjack gear".
  • You are ready to begin. Find a suitable tree and type "/lumberjack cut" to cut it off.
  • After you have successfully cut the tree, type "/lumberjack log" to cut it into pieces that you can carry.
  • After you have finished logging the tree, deliver the logs to the drop-off point with the command "/lumberjack deliverlog".



Starting Off

The location of the the lumberjack job can be determined from the picture below:








 Upon approaching the top of the work site, you are greeted with the following two overlays.


  • "Sign up and grab your gear now!" - This is where you will need to type "/lumberjack become", and then "/lumberjack gear" to suit up.)
  • "Drop off your tree logs here!" - This is the job site's final destination.)


After you have obtain the job and gear up, you will be suited up in lumberjack gear with a chainsaw. After this, you are ready to begin!


Cutting Trees

Where does the job start? There are multiple trees surrounding the site you can cut, but you may only focus on one tree at a time. To begin the process, approach a tree and type "/lumberjack cut". You will be presented with the message that you are cutting down the tree. You can stop this process at any time with "/lumberjack stopcut".









Logging and Delivery

From this point, you must type the command "/lumberjack log". This is so you can cut the tree into logs which you can transport. You will be presented with a similar message to cutting the tree down, except this time, it is for logging. It is the same familiar process. You can stop this process using the command "/lumberjack stoplog". After you are finished cutting the tree down and logging it, it is now time to take the logs to the drop-off point. This is when you make bank. Here, you will type the command "/lumberjack deliverlog". You will then be paid a delivery stipend on commission.












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