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Blard "B-Nard" Smith

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Image result for Muscular black male

"Nigga, what is yu' doin'?"


Name: Blard Johnson Smith

Nickname: B-Nard

Age: 26


Ethnicity/Religion: Caucasian African American Mix/Christian

Build: Muscular

Sexuality: Heterosexual(Straight)

Education: None

D.O.B: February 11th, 1992

Place Born: Ontario, Canada

Clothes: Usually a Yellow and Black Colored Long-Sleeved Shirt, Black Jeans and Green Jordans, having the shirt covered by a white coat sometimes. At times, he wears a Green-Plaid Shirt, Caramel Sweat-Pants and White Nike Shoes

Hobby: Fixing/Modding cars - Gamer

Accent: A heavy American Black African Accent, with a slight tint of Cockney and Scottish

Hairstyle: ((Picture))

Height: 6 Foot 3 Inches

Weight: 229 Pounds/103 Kilograms

Birthmark: A small birthmark on his neck, which is just a small dot

Scars: A long-ass scar on his back, which was from when he was in prison, and a stitched cut on his right cheek.

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Very Dark Brown Hair

Likes: Cars, Motorbikes, Music, Video Games, The Gym

Dislikes: Insensitive People, SJW's, Racism, The Law Enforcement (Partially)

Music Genre's he likes: Alternative, EDM, Hip Hop, Rap, Dubstep, Trap, Rock

Bands/Singer/Actors/Actresses he likes: Busta Rhymes, Gorillaz, Nirvana, Joyner Lucas, Ice Cube, Snoop Dog, Dr. Dre, The Isley Brothers, Eminem, Rag'n'Bone Man, Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lawrence, Will Smith




Blard is a 26 Year Old African Male, borned in Ontario, Canada. Blard had a African Mother and a British Father. His father is a retired professional chef while his mother was a fashion designer. He was a Street Racer in his young teenage youth, he always street raced with his Uncle's car that his Uncle gave away to him, a 1997 Toyota Soarer GT Manual ((Fortune)). He modified it to his own liking.


His uncle was a mechanic, he teached Blard about how to fix cars when Blard was young, which made him a Car Enthusiast and a Street Racer.

Image result for 1997 Toyota Soarer GT Modified


He earned a lot of money street racing, but, his street racing career came to an end when he was caught and arrested, when he was 19.


He was arrested for 5 years. Being locked up, he spent most of his time exercising outside the Prison Compound (That is why he's Muscular), and reading books in the Prison Library. He joined one of the Prison Gangs so he wouldn't get jabbed in the throat or raped in prison. He was in some gang fights, which ultimately increased his sentencing one 'nother year. After his prison sentence, he was released from prison, and, went back to his parents home, where his parents scolded him.


Just a few days later, he decided to leave his parent's house, and go to Los Santos. He packed up his bags, saying goodbye's to his parent's and flew to Los Santos, where he lived there for almost a year.


The first vehicle he owned was a Faggio, yeah... A faggio.

Then, he bought a Towtruck, a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air (OCEANIC) and an Imported 1987 Proton Saga Gen-1 (PRIMO).


In Los Santos ((LSRP)), he made friends with a few people named (In-Order), Kelvin Grady, Michelle Violet, Maricruz Mendoza, Katherine King, Suzuki Gonmira, Boris Dyuzhenkov, and Oliver.


He made friends with them in early December of 2017, they we're really close, until when Kelvin, Oliver and Michelle died in January. Blard didn't know it until a week later. At first, until when some of Kelvin's friends and Oliver's Cousin asked him to go to the cemetary, he did, and when he saw the tombstones, he couldn't take it anymore, and he cried.


He prayed for them, before they all leave.


After 2 weeks, he didn't see Katherine, nor Boris again, not sure where they went, but, they gone.


In Mid-Feb, Maricruz became depressed and stressed, after that, when him and Mari were chilling, she asked him to park near Mulholland Inter. and ask him to go, which he didn't. He tried her to stop, but, it didn't work. She suicided((CK)) by falling to her death.


Blard, having been witnessing his friend's death infront of his eyes, became slightly depressed aswell.


in 24th of Feb, he packed up his things, and left LS for good, with Suzuki.


While they were driving to San Fierro, Blard lost control and crashed into a tree near the tunnels behind Chilliad. The crash only bruised and cut Blard slightly on his face, but, Suzuki died from a glass shard to the heart.


Blard tried to not "Let her sleep", but to no avail. Passers-by spotted the crash, they checked on both Blard and Suzuki, before they called 911, where the paramedics, firefighters and police came to the scene.


They put out the fire, took Blard to the nearest Hospital, which was located in SF, while they took Suzuki's body away.


Blard was treated and was discharged from hospital in 25th of Feb, where he starts his new life there, trying to forget about the events that happened before he entered SF.


e n d

Edited by O-Glock
The Fortune fits more with the Soarer.

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29 minutes ago, Pay Pimpin said:

Uhm.... Is that porn star? LMAO

I just took what the fuck image I just came on Google Images xd

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gay ass nigga

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