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Dragoje Tasić Georgijević

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                                                       Name: Dragoje Tasić Georgijević

                                                       Sex: Male.

                                                       Age: Twenty Six

                                                                                                      Nickname(s): Georgi, Dragon.



Dragoje was born in Kosovo in 1990 growing up working on his father's farm growing crops vegetables fruits all kinds of delicious healthy plants. Till the Yugoslavian war in 1991 started with his home being turned into a mess his parents fled to San Fierro where he met other Serb's learning the English language he got mixed up with a  gang which he was hanging out with getting into trouble at school fighting doing drugs breaking his mothers heart till he got arrested in 2003 sentenced for 15 years in the San Fierro Correctional Facility after finding out his mother passed from cancer he was let out of prison in 2018 looking around seeing that the city he once know changed full of sky scrapers businesses people walking around in suits listening to music he never heard before Dragoje rubbed his nose running back to the old neighbourhood finding out that it was taken over by a gang of african american and he just left it all behind roaming the streets looking for work.




145874686911472136.jpg His hometown getting attacked in the war.




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Intresting piece of history.

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