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More Privacy Options

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My suggestion is to allow players to modify what others can see on their profiles. Right now, literally everything you do is on your profile with no moderation. The only privacy option right now is to monitor whether you want people to see if you follow a specific person or not.


I suggest the following:


- Ability to make your profile public (in which case everything would be displayed) or private. Something similar to Facebook.

- Have an option to see who can see your activity, such as posts and what not. (Maybe have options such as followers, friends, public, etc)

- The ability to turn off read notifications on PM.

- Monitoring who can see your recent profile views.

- Completely remove "Display name history".

- Monitor who can see your reputation activity.


To clarify, your profile picture, cover photo, community reputation, and all the information on the left side of your profile will be visible to the public regardless of the profile being public or private.


These are just a few options I thought of. Let me know what you think!


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This is really unnecessary since this is a game forum and there is no need for such limitations. But yes, if developers have time, why not. I only disagree with the read option, let it be known if someone read our message no need to disable that

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There’s a whole section for notification settings that is already in place. I recommend something of similar format but if privacy.

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I suppose this could be looked into. To me it wouldn't make a difference, as previously stated, it's a game forum so I like my stuff public. So long privacy restrictions wouldn't apply to forum mods who may need to see recent activity or display name history for users.

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