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The Life of Josephus Roberts

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Early Life

Josephus "Joe" Roberts was born at the Toronto Western Hospital in Ontario, Canada on Sunday the 8th August 1993 to an Amelia and Noah. He grew up in a small unincorporated community a distance north of Toronto called Nobleton which is where most of his early life was spent. From the age of 14, he spent most of his days attending the Nobleton Senior Public School as a Grade 9, where he pursued a keen interest in Mathematics and the Sciences. After graduating at the age of 19 he attended the University of Toronto, specializing in the subject he was best at, Mathematics. His days flew by from then on and at the age of 22 with a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Statistics.


During all these years of education he regularly visited the gym in Nobleton to keep his strength up and did for a few years visit the St Mary's Church until he grew a slight disregard for religion. During this time at the gym he met a few of his close friends, Justin Brown and Nolan Lee, both around the same age as him. They spent most of their time visiting other local towns and bars, along with the upkeep of Joe's 2002 Ford F150 Pickup. The trio also spent some of their free time in a part time job at Justin's father's business, a small mechanic on the outskirts of the town. At the age of 23, Joe decided he'd had enough of sitting around in the same small town doing nothing with his life and decided to go out and see the world. He sold his truck to Nolan for a reasonable price and used the money to buy plane tickets to Los Santos.


After a while of exploring the city he settled on an area referred to as "The Bay Area" by the people that live there and decided he wanted to put down some new roots. After spending time at many of the bars in the city, he used his educational status to gain an interview at a club in the city known as "Enigma". Shortly after he was employed as a Parking Officer for the club and kept the role of controlling the flow of traffic around the club and ensuring the area doesn't become too cluttered. In exchange, Joe gained a steady income and a place he could spend his time and gain new friends within a wonderful city.


Career History

2011 - 2016 = Part Time Mechanic at Brown's Car Company

Late 2016 - Early 2017 = Unemployed, Seeking a Job

Mid 2017 - Present Day = Parking Officer at Club Enigma

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