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Matteo Castiglione: A Permanent Work in Progress

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Matteo Castiglione, 20 years old, picture taken by his ex-girlfriend at a bus stop


» PERSONALITY: Matteo is a very friendly, sociable individual, who has a relaxed and careless outlook on life. He takes precedence in enjoying life over all other necessities. However, being able to indulge in these luxuries can be quite expensive, so Matteo can frequently be found stressed out over a lack of money, especially considering the high cost of living in San Fierro. He has a low temperament, and is often quite generous, always offering a helping hand to those in need. His careless outlook on life mixed with his generosity results in frequent naivety, which can lead to troublesome situations.

» APPEARANCE: Matteo does not have much money to waste on clothes. He shops at thrift stores and often does not seem to put much care in his cheap outfits, wearing rags/hand-me-downs from his father, or donations from government programs. He is not very tall and is relatively fit, as he enjoys training at the gym whenever he has time, and has funds to drop-in. He is quite young-looking for his age, and would be a prime target to be ID'd at a bar or liquor store.


Introduction [CH. 1]

Matteo grew up in a two-parent home in Las Venturas. A once middle-class unionized construction worker, Matteo’s father had a drug problem which blew up following a near-fatal car accident, which forced his father, Paolo Castiglione, on permanent long-term disability, and ultimately forced their family into poverty. His mother, Olivia Castiglione, merely worked at FedEx part-time as a call center agent, which is nowhere near enough to support a family of three. With Paolo's lack of income and a now-severe drug and drinking problem, Matteo, 13, and his parents were forced into Idlewood, Los Santos from their home in Rockshore West, Las Venturas. He then went to school in a predominantly black neighborhood, which was a significant change from the silver spoon, white middle-class neighborhood he was accustomed to.


While Matteo often got along with his new peers, he was constantly being subjected to gang violence and a poor quality of life, which sometimes resulted in being picked on, or even robbed for the very little lunch money he went to school with. Throughout his teenage years, he began hanging out with neutral crowds in order to avoid the heavily gang-influenced children in his neighborhood, which seemingly were unavoidable. He had committed minor thefts and vandalism to try to fit in with the cool kids, but the novelty would wear off in comparison to the harsh gang-banging the other kids, the kids that he feared, yet oddly admired, were involved with. Immediately following high school, he got a part-time job as a pizza delivery driver and rented out one of the cheapest rooms he could find in San Fierro, as a shared accommodation with two other young men. His parents were sad to see their little boy go so soon, but they knew the environment they provided for him would only have detrimental effects on his mental state, and knew that Matteo venturing off on his own was the only option for him to hopefully find peace.


TO BE CONTINUED ONCE THE SERVER OPENS. I will be using this to post all progress of my character, with a story to back it. Let's see where this goes. I will try to do each chapter as a time period in his life. So once I age up or a significant conflict occurs = new chapter.

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