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[INFO] Game Modifications | Board Rules

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Game Modifications | Board Rules and Guidelines

This board is strictly for game modifications for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Modifications that are not for GTA:SA must be posted in their respective game thread in the Other Games board.

1. All threads must include screenshots and/or videos that showcase that particular modification.
2. Give credit where credit is due. The original poster MUST include a list of people who contributed to that modification, including the author. This applies especially to downloadable modification threads. If the contributors are unknown, you must include the original source of the modification.
3. Threads must be posted in their respective modification categories.
4. Threads must be tagged threads accordingly depending on the type. Tag examples include, but is not limited to, the following:
  • [FND] Find
  • [REL] Release
  • [SHW] Showcase


The Showroom and Request boards are exempted from Rule #4.
All Bay Area Roleplay Community Rules apply here.


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