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Daniel Jonathon West

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Birth name: Daniel Jonathon West
Nickname(s): Danny, Dan, DJ, Honeyboo (Only Amanda can say it)
Parents: Father: Mike Kalowsky West [Alive]  ll Mother: Sarah Heidelberg West [Alive]
Date Of Birth: July 2nd, 1995
Birthplace: Islamabad, Pakistan
Age: 22 Years Old
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Engaged with Amanda Winfrey
Religion: Atheism
Likes: Football (Soccer), Opening random electronics, Cars Enthusiast, Weapons, Planes, Peace, the color black, Pornography
Dislikes: War, Motorbikes, threesome, Homo-sexuality, Double Standards, being over-proud, being called an asshole
Choice Of Food(s): Chicken Biryani (Pakistani Dish), Chicken Karhai (Pakistani Dish), Mutton Nihari (Pakistan Dish) Fried Chicken (Preferably KFC), McDonald's, Pasta, Pizza



Height 5''7.
Weight: 125 Pounds.
Affiliation: None.
Clothing: Black Sunglasses, Blue Casual Shirt, Brown Army Camo Cap, Blue Jeans.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Dark Brown.


Background Story

Daniel Jonathon West was born on July 2nd in 1995. He was the youngest of his siblings, consisting of 1 brother and 1 sister. Both of them loved very much. He had to face competitions growing up as most of his cousins was of his own age. He had to do well in studies and in other curricular activities. His father Mike Kalowsky worked as a Teller in the local bank and was soon promoted to a Staff Manager for his dedication. His mother Sarah Heidelberg West was a teacher in an Elementary school which was not so far from where they lived. He soon graduated with a degree in Pre. Engineering, FSC in 2012.  He had to pursue his passion in Agricultural Engineering but the university that had to offer a good education regarding the agricultural engineering was at an 8 hours drive regularly, so he had to move to the city where the university was situated and lived in a Hostel. He did well in his university scoring a decent GPA of 3.2 in all his Semesters. During his time period in the University, he fell in love with a fellow classmate Amanda Winfrey and they both shared mutual feelings. Their love continued throughout the semesters until they were graduated in 2014.  At the graduation convocation, Daniel introduced his girlfriend to his parents. They liked her a lot and decided to let Daniel carry on with the relationship.  After the graduation, Daniel was employed at the Arid Agricultural Department where he had his internship for over a year and then he was soon promoted to an official employee. His salary was a wager but it was something he enjoyed. After working there for almost two years, the department was disbanded due to a corruption case filed towards the head of the department as laundering money out of the city. It was the night of September 12th, 2016 where he took his girlfriend Amanda out on a date. As the night passed by, laughs were exchanged. Soon when they had planned to leave the hotel and head back home, Daniel bent on his knees withdrawing a small box out of his pocket and as he opens it, he says the following words: "Amanda Winfrey, you've been with me for very long. Our love grew stronger and stronger as the time passed by. We've spent every moment with each other. We were there for each other's happiness and sadness. Mandy, will you make me the happiest man on earth and marry me?". Amanda without any hesitation burst into tears and yelled "Yes!". They shared kisses and went back home to tell their families the good news who all were happy too. On December 30th, 2016. Daniel decided to move to Bayside, San Fierro with his Fiance and on January 1st, they had moved to United States Of America. Daniel bought an apartment and a 2008 Rover (Huntley) with his savings and then he started driving a taxi just until he was able to walk on his own feet. His passion aside Engineering was joining the Police force, but Pakistan had very little to offer when it came to the Police force so had to leave his passion into shadows.


More to come...
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