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Leonard Weir was born in San Fierro in the Garcia district in 1951, he grew up in a low-middle class family. His mother was your typical stay at home mom, his father was a hardworking man. But, however his father was also an alcoholic and would beat him and his mom on the regular basis. His father would beat him for petty things, forgetting to put the milk in the fridge after he made a bowl of cereal, things that wouldn't even matter the next day. Leonard's mother and father would split up when he was nine, they had to move constantly, his abusive father would find a way to find where they were staying. They had to move at night so his father couldn't tell it was them if he was out looking for them. 



Nineteen sixty four.



1964 was an interesting time for Leonard, his dad passed away, which he didn't really care about, considering he didn't actually know the man too much anyways, the only side he knew was the alcoholic side. Him and his mom finally found peace in a part of San Fierro called "Hashbury" at this time the whole hippie and counterculture was booming because of the Vietnam War. The whole idea was to rebel against everything that was ideal for you to do, for example.. Get good grades in school, get a job, have kids and well.. Die.. The counterculture was against that, they thought there was more  to life than what everyone thought was ideal for them to do. Leonard was pulled to this idea, he began to "rebel" against society, not in a violent way of course.. He used drugs such as marijuana, LSD and psilocybin mushrooms to expand his mind, find himself even. His mother was totally against this at first, but realized that he was being himself and wasn't going to be like everyone else.






In 1969 Lenny and his friends heard about this three day love fest, which would be taking place in Woodstock New York, there were going to be many of great acts.. Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, Carlos Santana,  Jimi Hendrix and other various ac ts that were popular within the  counter culture that time.



More to be added soon, will write more when I get more inspiration.  

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