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[Aero] west.#8843

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Account Name: 



Time & Date of the Incident: 

N/A - 07/02/2018


Banning Administrator: 



Ban Reason: 




https://pastebin.com/eMm6W6mc - Chatlog of the situation.


Supporting Evidence: 

Not even sure why I have to make this ridiculous appeal I was literally having banter in chat. I've known Saint for literally 3 years, EVERY time I talked to him he always tried some shit in terms of attempting to get me banned or what not. This has nothing to do with bayarea roleplay at all, but this is the reason for what I said. We have ended the drama between each other. So I mentioned one thing about banning me and saint, and OFF a apparent hunch of leaking staff logs I was banned. Literally because something was said about me and banning in staff chat, and I happen to say something that relates to that. @Extendo literally went through my logs and can verify I haven't spoken to anyone about anything to do with ba-rp staff, I understand the argument that "People can delete their chatlogs or what not". I believe that is complete bullshit I wouldn't go out of my way to protect a random staff member. I have barely known half of the staff team for more than 3 months. I'm not even close to most of them. Only people that I talk to are the ones that come in voice chat, when I was banned before I didn't even speak to ANY of the staff. At the time of the incident I wasn't even in voice.


Saint - Today at 6:38 PM It's layed out so unefficiently. i dont care if you like it or dont west. :? I know. "amazing barp helper tool" Sarcasm. ... "reals" okay den goldencandy610 - Today at 6:39 PM What the fuck?

Kane - Today at 6:39 PM -_-

goldencandy610 - Today at 6:40 PM What even happend? lmao

Saint - Today at 6:40 PM West sarcastically commented on the BA-RP Helper. And he deletes his messages to make me look like a dick. :? exactly.

I was talking with Saint and purposely deleting my text after he was talking to me. It was intentionally doing this to get a reaction out of him. I'm also confused how according to Aero I sent something 30 seconds after it was said. How would someone be able to screenshot something that fast and send it to me so I could post, WHILE I was joining a league of legends game. "Well something was said literally 30 seconds before you said that so". I also have to say that @zentro. @Pelayo @Bailey can vouch for me that Saint has previously banned me from servers that he has run or been on, AND thats why I said "west. - Today at 6:42 PM saint ur not gonna ban me @Saint i see you".


west.-Today at 3:48 PM

gimme one second

Aero-Today at 3:48 PM

I want to know who did.

west.-Today at 3:48 PM

in a league game

Aero-Today at 3:48 PM

because you're about to take the hit for your friend if you're not gonna tell me

west.-Today at 3:48 PM

i just told you
no one did
gimme a sec
lemme finish
then i will respond

I even stated to Aero I had past encounters with Saint, and that was my reasoning for what I said, but according to him "I don't believe it at all, it's not a coincidence." Not sure what else has to be said. 

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I'm not playing these games, so unless you plan on getting your story straight I'm not going to unban you.

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Player is community-wide banned for a separate issue.

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