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Lucas "Sharky" Carvallo

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 C*nt, ex-gangbanger, drug dealer, loser. - Basically almost everyone


C*nt, real OG, good boxer, hustla - People of El Corona


Good and loyal man, warm hearted, good boxer, can solve almost every problem - Close friends and alive family




Lucas is a 22 years old man with a muscular bodyshape. He has a Shark tatooed on his lower right arm. He's bald, often wearing a plain white shirt (preferably 1 size too large), a golden uzi necklace, and shades. 



Lucas Carvallo was born in 1995, 13th of September. His family was a group of loving and caring people who just... appeared in the wrong place.

The wrong place can be also called El Corona, a neighbourhood filled with gang activity, like, filled. 


While his older brother, Cesar, managed to stay away from the bad environment, Lucas didn't have much luck. He adopted the name Sharky from a local rapper and drug dealer. By the age of 15, he has already earned some stripes around the hood.


Of course, gangbanging never ends happily. His mother got killed in a gang related drive-by while he was only 18. There were three people in the car, two of them got murdered.

The third one was working at the local gas station, after Lucas buried his mother, he needed to burn the motherfucker who caused her death. 


Sharky quickly found out who the person was, he was a member of the rival gang, Los Santos Vagos. When the man finished his shift, Sharky striked, spraying the other teenager with his uzi.


Sharky needed to escape the city, surprisingly, he started living a decent life in Vice City, working at the local repair garage, smoking weed, and playing videogames. The happines lasted for only 3 years, his father died of lung cancer. Lucas arrived at his funeral, and properly buried his father. 


But he couldn't stay in the hood, although the murder case has already cooled down, there still were members of the rival gang, trying to cap him. He didn't come back to Vice City, but drove straight to San Fierro.

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