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UCP Changelog:

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UCP Version 0.1.2 [BETA] - 26/02/2018



  • Added character dashboard and character creation, members who have passed the application stage can now create characters
  • Added a 'remember me' functionality to authentication (should prevent users from being required to log in on every visit to the site)
  • Added application statistics for staff to view
  • Added captcha protection to elements of the site


Bug Fixes/Changes:

  • Fixed issues with the login sidebar not working + added forgot password/register options to it
  • Fixed an issue where users could submit multiple applications whilst already having an active one pending review


UCP Version 0.1.1 [BETA] - 28/01/2018



  • Users are now notified on the home page when their applications have been accepted/denied
  • Users can now view their applications
  • The quiz now allows users to get one question wrong and they will still pass (9/10 is the pass requirement)
  • Added a character limit of 3500 for each question when submitting applications
  • Users who forgot their passwords (or want to change them) can now do so


Bug Fixes/Changes:

  • Fixed a bug where users could register master accounts when using invalid characters
  • Fixed several grammatical issues & rephrased several areas of the application process
  • Resolved issues with Microsoft email services (If you are still experiencing difficulties, contact me)


UCP Version 0.1.0 [BETA] - 26/01/2018


  • User Control Panel launched in beta
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