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Issues related to character death

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Time & Date: 20:31:00 - 28/01/2018
Player Name: Alexandre Dumas
Bug Type: Gamemode

Description: Suppose when I get shot by someone, my injuries are critical and I am lieing down with the option to accept my death using /acceptdeath. But for that, I need to wait 60 seconds. When I typed /acceptdeath after 10 seconds of me dieing, the server mentioned that I did not have any injuries thus I am not eligible to run that command.


Another bug report is that, when I fall from a really high altitude onto the surface, the whole /accept death scenario gets bypassed and I instantly die, getting respawned back to Doherty. @Neaksy has also experienced the same bug.

Screenshots/Videos: No images unfortunately, can't replicate the scenario without administrative assistance.

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Guest kane

Old report. First report not longer an issue. 


High altitude deaths that kill you instantly are not something I'm interested in putting players in brutally wounded for. 

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