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Preliminary Custom Skin Voting!

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Hey guys,


As the server comes to a near release, I've been busy trying to tie up the mods I currently have and get them ready for implementation. I've decided to bring the vote to the public considering that ultimately, the skins are for you to enjoy, so you should all have a say on what gets implemented. Voting is simple, if you want to see the skin added to the server, vote for it, if you don't? Don't vote for it.


Asian skins:


1.) Female One - https://imgur.com/17t3xQL

2.) Male One - https://imgur.com/jgJNXMY

3.) Male Two - https://imgur.com/YdPKvms

4.) Male Three - https://imgur.com/d3fdiVv

5.) Male Four - https://imgur.com/PrV6mQK

6.) Male Five - https://imgur.com/sFMfw6S


Hispanic skins:


1.) Female One - https://imgur.com/qgGyvfV

2.) Male One - https://imgur.com/a/VBC0P

3.) Male Two - https://imgur.com/82PaM17

4.) Male Three - https://imgur.com/XPVi4cE

5.) Male Four - https://imgur.com/fSlVftN


Caucasian skins:


1.) Female One - https://imgur.com/kh1QFxq

2.) Female Two - https://imgur.com/Sqk0ZQ3

3.) Female Three - https://imgur.com/Xs6SRzE

4.) Female Four - https://imgur.com/mYpROr5

5.) Female Five - https://imgur.com/uM89L5X

6.) Male One - https://imgur.com/a/ckxs3

7.) Male Two - https://imgur.com/d9JxV5J

8.) Male Three - https://imgur.com/h54muQ1

9.) Male Four - https://imgur.com/C9dP8FW

10.) Male Five - https://imgur.com/O4IhT7G

11.) Male Six - https://imgur.com/aRNtOQU

12.) Male Seven - https://imgur.com/2GNzIZV

13.) Male Eight - https://imgur.com/cgotTqX

14.) Male Nine - https://imgur.com/I7O80TQ

15.) Male Ten - https://imgur.com/lhP6smv

16.) Male Eleven - https://imgur.com/a/ecEga

17.) Male Twelve - https://imgur.com/a/bo8pf


African American skins:


1.) Female One - https://imgur.com/Ax1wjSQ

2.) Female Two - https://imgur.com/tDph1DS

3.) Male One - https://imgur.com/um4HpWM

4.) Male Two - https://imgur.com/Nrtt1mb

5.) Male Three - https://imgur.com/eNap8TT

6.) Male Four - https://imgur.com/LCz2cNa

7.) Male Five - https://imgur.com/68R3pjE

8.) Male Six - https://imgur.com/2LdLSTv


There is still a continued effort to bring in more skins, when I have more I will post them separately and allow public voting on those as well. As you can see, there's blatant disparity between some races in regards to the amount of skins. We're still looking for modders to come along and help us fill a diversity quota. If you're interested you can contact me directly and we can speak further. Thank you for everyone who contributed mods and are still contributing mods, we're continually looking to expand on quality. We've also got some skins done for our public service factions, you can check those out below! Thanks for voting. Skin development is still in progress.


SFPD Skins:


SFFD Skins:

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