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Ramesh Balakrishnan

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Ramesh Balakrishnan


Ram often has dreams about being on tall places in the city at night, this makes him weep. He is quite afraid of heights.




Date of Birth: 04/09/1991

Place of Birth: San Fierro


Ramesh is quite simply an overweight, friendly person of Indian origin, who wishes to become the best cab driver in San Fierro.


Ram's Childhood

Ramesh's parents came to America in the late 1980s, using up all the pennies they scraped up to do so in the process.

They had two children - Amar, and their favourite, Ramesh who was born on the 4th of September 1991. They hadn't much, and their parents were only earning money through small oddjobs he could find. Despite all of this, they were just happy to be together as one family.


The early years of Ramesh's childhood were bright and wonderful, but it soon started to change soon after Ramesh began attending school for the first time.

He noticed his parents arguing more frequently.

Ramesh just learned to just brush it all aside, even though it did hurt him inside. He always kept his feelings bottled up inside.

Even though there was trouble and unrest at home, Ramesh was always positive and friendly towards other people in school. He never wanted someone to feel upset because he knew very well how it felt.

Ramesh studied hard. He wanted to make sure something went right the messed up family of his.

Highschool flew by for him and soon he was out on his own.


Ram on his own

Ramesh was now independant. He thought this was great. He was free from the troubles at home, and was able to do anything he wanted.

He hadn't any plan. He didn't know how the world worked. But he was happy.


Ramesh worked mostly small retail jobs and moved around a lot in the city.

One day, he was taking a cab home from an evening out, when it hit him. By now he was in his mid-20s, and wanted a steady job.

Ramesh was always fascinated by cab drivers. He thought they had it good, he thought they had lots of freedom.

He knew exactly what he wanted to be.












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Ram's Dream


Ever since that one cab ride in which he decided his future, Ram has often been having dreams that scare him about this future he chose.


Sunday, the 25th of February 2018


Ramesh's Bedroom


Our Ramesh often has dreams he finds troubling, but tonight he had one that seemed all too much for him.

He usually handles his own mind well.


Night Cab


Ramesh has begun having dreams in which he's driving around an eerie, empty version of San Fierro.

He spends what feels like years navigating these ghostly streets, without any purpose whatsover. He's constantly thinking of a way out of it but there just isn't one. Ramesh believes he's stuck in this hell underneath the bright red sky filled with dark black clouds forever. Without hesitation he continues driving.

This dream feels too real for Ram, he's quite overwhelmed.


Mother and Father


After what feels like an eternity - Ram comes across his parents. At first he's glad, seeing people after being alone. But after seeing their faces of disappointment, Ram feels down almost instantly.

His parents look down upon him with their big wet eyes, in shame. Ramesh only cries. He isn't able to do much else. The cab is behind him, he thinks that's what they're disappointed in, that it is what they're ashamed of. Ramesh drops onto hands and feet, and lowers his head, weeping.

He looks up at his parents, and they say nothing.

He thinks they're not approving of his choice of career.

Ramesh gets up and storms off in the cab. He tries to drive off in rage, he is very upset.




Ram had a normal relationship with his brother, Amar. Like all brothers, they'd rip eachother's throats out but make up in the end.

Ramesh was their parent's favourite, he was their first child. They'd give him all the love in the world.

They never gave their second son Amar as much attention and they realised this. They felt it was hard to love him as much as Ramesh.


His parents paid for everything he needed. Very good education and a place to stay, to make up for loving him slightly less. Ramesh never received any help.

Amar is now a successful paramedic,  and has become the son his parents are thrilled to call a son.

This kills Ramesh inside, Ramesh was the one who worked hard in school and got great results.

He thought it was unfair, Amar was the slacker and the trouble maker.

He doesn't even get invited to family dinners anymore.


In the dream, Amar is taunting Ramesh, telling him what Ram himself thinks is true, that he is useless. Ramesh can't tell what's worse, the constant noise of rude and mean things coming out of his brother's mouth, or the fact they're on a tall building.

Ramesh can't take it any more.

He screams and runs off the side of the buildings. He is finally at peace with himself as he falls.

He wakes up in a pool of his own sweat, with his heart beating rapidly.


He feels like he's finally going to die.


A new Ramesh


That's it.

Ramesh has had enough of being that disappointment of a son. Today, he will start a new life.

He'll show Amar who's boss. He'll show his parents what he's capable of.

Today Ram will start his mad career as a cab driver, which he believes will lead him towards taking over San Fierro.

Ramesh is determined.


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My guy did well in school just to become a cab driver smh


Story was nice n simple, developing character also looks like it'll be straight forward and easy


Have fun!

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Ram's Reality


Ram overlooks the busy train station eating lunch in his taxi.


Monday,  the 26th of February 2018


Cranberry Station, San Fierro.


Just over a day after his traumatic dream, Ramesh scraped all his cash together to buy a second hand Cabbie, without hesitation.

He popped into the cab depot at Cranberry station, after reading they had a vacancy and off he went on this new magnificent journey.


Cab Driver Ram

At last, his dream of becoming a cab driver has become a reality.

Ramesh loves it, too. He's met so many people interesting people just in his first couple of hours on the job.

He's been spit on, and had passengers bail out of the cab in an extraordinary fashion, and he loves it so very much.


He finally has something to show his parents with pride.

Ramesh is determined to work hard.

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spelling i think
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There is no another way of saying this, but this is an exquisite piece of work is what it is

see wat i did there xd quoted from jeremy

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Ramesh is my bitch.

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put it in a modern art museum

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ramesh is my indian friend

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