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[tw1ster] Pelayo #2914

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Time & Date: 1/13/18, Around 6:40 PM EST

Player Name: Pelayo

IP Address: N/A.

Ban Platform: Discord.
Link to Platform Account: (Forum / Discord) Pelayo #2914

Ban Reason:  Pedophilia.


This is another appeal because I was not able to reply to the stated reason that was given to the last appeal.

A few community members were making jokes in voice chat and text chat, that had NOTHING to do with Pedophilia, also the jokes were not targeted towards anyone or any age group.



Just because you weren't "warned" doesn't mean you can't be punished for breaking the rules. You can check all of the rules in the announcements section and in the general pins.

Not once have I seen any proof of Discord rules, I've even looked for them myself and with peoples help, and not once could I find them. Again, I've stated this many times, the jokes were not pedophilia in any way possible.



Regardless of how old you are, everyone was exposed to the dumb shit you decide to type in chat.

Everyone at the time understood it was a joke and people really weren't really 'exposed' to anything. As you call 'dumb shit' to what I have said, If you were looking at the chat you would have been easily able to tell everyone to stop making these jokes, but instead, you decided to ban me. Out of everyone you banned me while you muted others. I understand my friend has been muted a few times, but I don't believe banning us for banter in general chat is a valid reason. Regardless of how old I may be, no one was exposed to anything 'Pedophilia,' there were no pictures, gifs, videos or anything that has or was said about any group or age in the community. Anyone in that Discord could say we were only joking.



11. Abusive or Offensive Language

Insulting other players, family members, sexual preference or religious beliefs is strictly forbidden. It's common online users often enter heated discussions and insults might be used and as a result we do not deal with minor reports that involved such minor offenses. This does not green-light players to have a toxic attitude, antagonist players may be banned.

Punishments: Adminjail, kick or warning. Varied on situation, offense may be bannable.

As this is taken from server rules, this should still be considered. These would most likely be the rules you'd be referring to, however not once does it state the banter that we have posted (again not Pedophilia.)

Screenshot: N/A.

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I gave you your answer on your last appeal.

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