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[NEW]Francis Pirozza

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Francis Pirozza also known as "Piro" (born 1940) is Italian-American and member of the The Mancini Crime Family.

Piro was born to first generation immigrants from Lombardy. Growing up in the Little Italy neighborhood of San Fierro, Piro was inducted into The Mancini Crime Family. in the late 1970s.

In 1959, after Piro's father was convicted on federal racketeering charges, Piro took over his family.

In 1975, after Piro's father was convicted of federal racketeering charges, Piro became an member of The Mancini Crime Family.

When boss Vincenzo and underboss Venero  went to prison, Jimmy Mancini handled the  functions of The Mancini Crime Family with acting boss Paulie Mancini.

Piro also oversaw rackets involving the Mason Tenders Union and the San Gennaro Feast in Little Italy.

Each vendor working at the Feast had to pay tribute to  The Mancini Crime FamilyPiro helped oversee the collection of rents from some 400 vendors. While the mob typically demanded $4,000 a booth, the society running the festival would report to city officials that booth vendors had paid only $1,000 or so each. The city would then assess each vendor a 25 percent permit fee based on this rent. The end result was that the city and charities received very little money.[2]

Piro also owned a social club in Little Italy that he used for family business. However, in 1990, capo James Messera was sent to prison based partly on conversations recorded by law enforcement at the club.Piro soon tried switching to conducting business on walks through the neighborhood and meetings in diners and parks. To counter Piro's new strategy, Federal investigators in 1994 obtained warrants for use of roving bugs and were able to intercept six of Piro's conversations with family members and union associates.


 The Mancini Crime Family was heavily involved in a large part of drug trafficking, Weapon Traffiĉing in Sän Fierro during the 1970s, with heroin being the most trafficked drug.

Seized  Drugs, Seized Weapons, Seized Money by the DEA

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