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Wee Man


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Wee Man

Personal Information


  • Forename: Trevor
    Surname: Elliot
    Also Known As: Eli
    Date of Birth: 05/03/1984 ((DD/MM/YYYY))
    Place of Birth: London, England
    Age: 33
    Ethnicity: Caucasian


Physical Appearance


  • Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Weight: 180lbs
    Height: 6ft
    Body shape: Muscular


Terry's Story


Trevor ''Eli'' Elliot (5 March 1984 – Present) is an English organised crime figure from London, who acted as a mediator for the  Clerkenwell crime syndicate. He and his younger brother, George Elliot, were suspected by police to be responsible for at least 6 unsolved murders during their 5-year reign over London's underworld. 
Born in West End, London, Elliot emerged from a poverty stricken family  and into the criminal scene with his brother George Elliot. His criminal career began as a bouncer in the late 2000s, his reputation as a "hard man" and his overall appearance gave him credibility on the club doors of London. 
By 2009 Trevor was known as an enforcer, a very dangerous and violent man who had links with a wide swathe of Britain's underworld. In 2010,  Trevor was convicted of violently attacking a 24 year old male, during which he was reportedly described by the court as "a loose cannon", and sentenced to 24 months imprisonment. 
By 2010 the Elliot brothers had been linked to 4 gangland murders and dozens of robberies and had a stranglehold on most of the nightclub security in many of England's major cities; they had also made over £3 million from bank robberies and security alone.
Elliot also began to venture into the nightlife of many other cities to gain more wealth, and power. He and his brother started to acquire business interests in nightclubs in Liverpool, London and Newcastle. Trevor tried to do deals in other cities with their gangland figures, and was soon becoming involved with a number of other crime bosses.
Elliot was released from prison in 2013 and became a person of interest because of his new found status in the London underground scene. A few months later, George Elliot had died in a car crash while on holiday in the USA. After George's body was returned to the U.K, on the day of his funeral there was a drive by shooting by a rival gang member killing three civilians, one being a thirteen year old girl. After a long hard think to himself, Trevor decided it would be best to leave the country himself and made way for the USA, to start a new chapter of his life.

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