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Samuel Reyes

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Basic information

First name: Samuel

Middle  name: David
Last name: Reyes

Parents: Maria Reyes
Gender: Male.
Date of Birth: July 3rd, 1972 - 03/07/72
Place of Birth: Pueblo, Colorado
Place of Residence: San Fierro, San Andreas.
Occupation: Deputy Chief, San Fierro Fire Department

Physical Traits

Race: Hispanic.
Height: 5'10".
Weight: 185 lbs.

Character Story:

Samuel David Reyes was born July 3rd, 1972.  His mother, Maria Reyes, was a single mother.  Pueblo, Colorado, is a small city known for its Hispanic population and violence.  Samuel's father was in fact a member of a local street gang, but had been killed during a drive-by shooting.  Maria often feared that Samuel would follow in his father's footsteps and join a gang, so she moved herself and Samuel to her parents' home on the outskirts of Pueblo in Rye.  


As Samuel aged, he excelled in school, earning no lower than a B in any class he took.  He was placed in advanced placement courses during his seventh grade year, taking algebra and freshman English courses.  However, his grades did not represent how people viewed him.  Samuel did not participate in school clubs or organizations, he did not make his grades known to his friends, who thought he was a C/D student like them.  He would hang around Pueblo after school with his friends, often times trying to get recognized by some of the local sets.  When they would go home, Samuel would often spend his nights doing homework and studying until early hours in the morning so that he would make his mother proud.  


By the time Samuel was sixteen, he and his best friend, Anthony, or Tony as he liked to be called, were committing petty crimes to earn some money and respect in the streets.  One night, Tony thought that they would try something new, something to bring in a little more money.  He brought two ski masks and a gun that he had stolen from his father's closet with him.  Tony had Samuel drive him to a local gas station and put the mask on.  He would be the getaway driver.  Samuel couldn't tell Tony no, so he sat in the car and waited.  Everything seemed to be going fine, until a man in the back of the gas station drew his concealed carry firearm and ordered Tony to drop his firearm.  When Tony turned to fire at the man, he was shot three times in the chest.  Not knowing how to react, Samuel drove off as quickly as he could, he drove straight to Tony's house to tell his mother what had happened.  


Tony's mother, Ashley, broke down in tears, yelling at Samuel to leave her house while threatening to turn him in to the police for his involvement.  She had lost her son, and Samuel had lost his best friend.  The wake and funeral were held three nights later, it was a closed casket.  Ashley went up to Samuel at the end of the funeral services, once everyone had left, and asked him to promise her one thing and in return she would not mention anything to the police.  She asked Samuel to take Tony's death as a lesson and use it to free himself from the holds of a gang.  She knew it would be what Tony would have wanted.  Samuel agreed, saying that he only ever did it to fit in.  He went back to school and focused only on his academics for the next two years.


When Samuel turned eighteen and graduated fourth in his class, he enrolled in Purdue University West Lafayette in Indiana to get away from his hometown and the violence he once knew.  He was a Health Sciences major, undeclared specialization.  He figured he would use this degree to get into medical school and become a doctor one day.  When he began to think about it one night, he realized doctors don't normally get a patient until it's almost too late in emergencies.  He wanted to be on the front lines, so after finishing his degree he went through Paramedic classes and became a certified Paramedic.  Looking for work, he saw that the San Fierro Fire Department had openings for Paramedics and Firefighters, so he quickly applied.  When he was accepted and offered a spot in the academy, he quickly hopped on a plane and moved to San Fierro.  He spent the next twenty some years on the department, where he is now the Deputy Chief.  He looks to advance and have his own chance at running the department one day, or possibly even move into politics at a later date.


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Shoutout to Alejandro Escobar for the basic format of this character story as well.

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