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    GUIDELINES FOR ACHIEVING OFFICIAL FACTION STATUS An official faction is a faction that has been hand-picked by the Faction Management team for their well-versed and exemplary role-play - all the while representing Bay Area Roleplay to the best of their ability. An official faction is the public face for the general player base and set the standard in terms of role-play for many players, especially new ones. This is why the official status should not be taken lightly, and a faction should only consider showing interest if they are ready to be role-models for the entire server. Activity A faction must show stability by having consistent role-play and active members. A faction that is active two times a week is not considered active enough to bear the official status. Leadership A faction must have able leaders before they can be considered for official. Communication is alpha and omega, the beginning and end of all things. Leadership must ensure that guidelines and requirements are passed down and enforced throughout the faction. Faction Progress/Environment/Standards A faction must prove that they have a worthwhile concept, one that attracts players and spark interest. We do not condone or accept factions that are ruled by out-of-character relations and motivations. This means that all factions must be able to embrace and nurture new players to keep server progression going. Imagine yourself being the big brother of the server. Rules and Regulations A faction must show that they adhere to the rules and regulations enforced by both the server but also Faction Management. You are a role-model for the server, so it is important that you set an example as a faction. I.O FORMS Form - If the above criteria has been met and the faction has been active for at least 1 month, you can apply for official by replying to the form below in a PM to Thuggy. [b]Faction[/b](Be sure to include the URL to the topic): [b]Name of all present leaders (IG and Forum)[/b]: [b]Members (IG and Forum)[/b]: [b]Roleplay genre[/b]: [b]Outline the reasons as to why your faction should be given official status[/b]: [b]Miscelleanous[/b]: II.O CONTACTS If you have any questions, you can send a private message to the administrators listed below Thuggy - Head of Faction Management Lockhart - Faction Management
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    I’ve thought about slot machines before, would people like to see this implemented?
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    Feature Documentation Feature Name: Graffiti System Script Author(s): kane Authors Comments Hey all. So, we needed a graffiti system and I got to thinking! Why not one that's fully dynamic that can bring in room for expansion and all sorts of creativity? I also looked at it from a realistic point of view. Why shouldn't you be able to see what someones spraying? Why wait until their spray timer is done? With this graffiti system, players in your surrounding will see the graffiti update as you spray. I personally think this'll give some life and more enjoyment to spraying graffiti. Another idea that crossed my mind was graffiti inside interiors. This primarily revolves around illegal factions. You'll probably think graffiti inside interiors would look out of place? I'm going to restrict interior graffiti to factions. Do you have a gang that owns an apartment complex or house in the ghetto? This is something I brought up with Faction Management and will hopefully be in the works soon. You'll be able to request graffiti presets to be created for your faction. Lead Admins with the exception of Faction Management will have the ability to create graffiti for you in game so the wait won't be long at all! The main point of interior graffiti is to add to the environment. Have a crack house? Add some vandalism to the inside! There's a lot of room for all sorts of creativity and if you also have something in mind, hit the suggestions forums and let me know! General Information Commands: /graffiti This command will serve as your menu for spraying. It'll allow you to choose your text and font. The information selected does not save so it's best that you set them before you get going. The menu consists of: Set Your Text Custom text! This feature also supports the (b) bbcode! Set Your Font You'll have the option of choosing from 3 different styles of text. By default, your style is Comic Sans MS. -Spraycans may be purchased from a 24/7. -Anyone may spray graffiti as long as they're in possession of a spraycan. Video
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    @Pitchounette just a heads up, if you look at the screenshot he sent you can see the CLEO folder was modified 2 minutes before that screenshot was taken.
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    So, gambling is something that could be really huge in San Fierro (I know Las Venturas is the city of gambling, whores and money, but San Fierro could work very well too). Most servers only run blackjack, and in rare instances poker scripts, although I haven't seen many slot machine scripts or roulette scripts. I'm basically suggesting to work on a whole gambling system, where players could run both high-end casinos with roulette, blackjack tables, poker tables, dice games and slot machines and low-end joints with maybe only slot machines, or possibly just a bunch of friends playing dice in a pub for some pocket change. This script would make the server heavily unique, and this script by itself would attract a huge number of players, if advertised correctly. Now, you're maybe wondering: Wait, this is probably so hard to script! Is this even possible? Yes, it is possible. I've done a quick search on the internet, and I've found plenty of scripts, including horse betting, poker, slot machines, roulette and more. This is something that may even bring back the server to it's full capacity, once 1.0 is released, and this script is included. I'm not saying we should 100% include it in 1.0, although I'm saying that'd be something lots of players would appreciate, and it'd lead to the server being swarmed with new players everyday, just because they want to try this new awesome gambling script. The best way to attract players is to offer something others can not. I think this would be a great way to advertise this server and make ourselves look bigger out there. What do you think?
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    You'll find most people hesitant to say "heavy" because it almost gives people authorization to start being pompous assholes to people not on their standards. No one wants to deal with that bullcrap anymore or how the "mallrats" somehow ruined your entire day because they literally breathed the wrong way. Honestly, LS-RP keeps getting quoted from people who weren't even there at the start. We had zombie events, /o orchestrated races, North Korea attacked it with missiles, you name it. Of course it wasn't favored by everyone, but that's life and it's ultimately reality. It was more so the people and not the servers that started the whole "heavy/light/medium" craze. It was either RP or RPG, and how much they enforced the rules or silly behavior allowed set the tone of the server. We can label this heavy right now and if we allowed foolishness in the game then it's not really heavy is it? Which is why Rehasher pointed out we're a server that enforce rules that keeps everyone on the same page. Does that mean we're going to allow "crack shooting" or set the sky pink is for you to argue in your own head at this point. Throughout my entire time on the past server I never saw one person banned for not being up to standards or punished for typing something grammatically incorrect so just cut it out acting as if people "below standards" were somehow removed from the community. I can't speak for all servers of course, but if a person shows a genuine interest in wanting to RP & grow and somehow they're punished because their adjectives was funky then that's just downright evil.
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    Going to shut this down. We have no interest in adding a seat belt future. Having seat belts as something that prevents health loss would just encourage players and allow them the opportunity to drive worse then they currently do with no repercussions. This isn't needed.
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    Point of Contacts Hey everyone, Since we seem to be having a lot of question regarding who should a player contact for certain things, below are the compiled list of all of the Bay Area staff and team leaderships. These are the people you should contact in the event that you ever needed to for any reason you may have. When any issues arise, please try to solve the issue with the person involved whenever possible prior to contacting the people listed below. Server Management and Development Rehasher DamianC Server Administration Pitchounette Head of Admins Giga Head of Helpers Thuggy Head of Factions Akiba Head of Properties Development Team Kane Gamemode Developer Chilli943 Web & UCP Developer Southclaws Discord & Application Developer Creative Team Halycen Head of Mapping Team Survivalmaster Head of Modding Team Additionally, you are also more than welcome to contact myself via any mean you feel comfortable if you are unsure of who to go to for the topic that you have. Thank you and hope you enjoy your time on the server! xx, Pitch
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    Development screens aren't: /me grabs drink from fridge. /me drinks the drink. /t Damn this is good. OR /me looks around the block. /me sighs. /t Damn where the homies at? Does your character have some sort of mental illness that cause for them to speak to themselves? Development screens aren't showcasing your character by themselves doing civil activities (not necessarily), no. Development could be your character's first fist fight, first shootout, learning how to drive, getting a job, smoking for the first time, getting arrested, or whatever is significant in a detrimental or positive way. You develop in life because of something that changed you such as a loved one's passing. Your life didn't change because you ate some food, did it? Below are screens are what you SHOULD post as "development" screens: Below are screens are what you SHOULDN'T post as "development" screens:
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    [REL] Maccer skin DOWNLOAD Credits. Not found Please leave some nice comments :)
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    Doesn't fit the area, this is clearly the back of the Cluckin' Bell where goods are delivered, there's a garage door right there and the industrial, dirty walls don't suit a basketball court, it doesn't make sense sense to have one there.
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    The Rise of Street Gangs Gang violence is a problem in every major city in San Andreas and membership is on the rise. According to the Department of Justice's 2012 National Gang Threat Assessment, there are at least 21,500 gangs and more than 731,000 active gang members. Most of which being situated within the ghettos of Los Santos, and a portion in the alleys and slums of San Fierro. While gangs are less prevalent in rural areas. In major cities, gang violence is responsible­ for roughly half of all ­­homicides. In a recent study, San Fierro Police estimate that 32 percent of gang members were Hispanic, 48 percent were black, 15 percent white, 4 percent Asian and 1 percent had another ethnicity. They also found that gang membership is not as prevalent among youth as some fear -- between 1 and 2 percent of children ages 10 to 17 were gang members, although the percentage spikes when only "at-risk" youth are counted. Those that did join gangs didn't stay long, with the majority remaining in the gang for less than a year. Why Do People Join Gangs? There are many possible reasons for someone to join a gang, but four primary reasons seem to describe most gang members: Poverty Many gangs exist mainly as a moneymaking enterprise. By committing thefts and dealing drugs, gang members can make relatively large amounts of money. People who are faced with a lack of money may turn to crime if they can't earn enough with a legitimate job. This partly explains why gangs exist in poor, rundown areas of cities. However, not everyone who is poor joins a gang, and not every gang member is poor. Peer pressure Gang members tend to be young. This is partly because gangs intentionally recruit teenagers, but it's also because young people are very susceptible to peer pressure. If they live in a gang-dominated area, or go to a school with a strong gang presence, they might find that many of their friends are joining gangs. It can be difficult for a teen to understand the harm that joining a gang can bring if he's worried about losing all of his friends. Many teenagers do resist the temptation of gang membership, but for others it is easier to follow the crowd. Peer pressure is a driving force behind gang membership in affluent areas. Boredom With nothing else to occupy their time, youths sometimes turn to mischief to entertain themselves. If gangs are already present in the neighborhood, that can provide an outlet. Teenagers might form their own gangs. This is why many communities have tried to combat gangs by simply giving kids something to do. Dances, sports tournaments and other youth outreach programs can literally keep kids off the streets. Unfortunately, many youths and even gang experts use boredom as an excuse. Authors of articles about gang violence often write something like, "There's nothing else to do where they live." It us true that, sports programs, swimming pools or even libraries are often in short supply or poor repair in tough urban areas. But can't we make sure that the government can help our youth for a better future? Despair If poverty is a condition, despair is a state of mind. People who have always lived in poverty are more likely to pick up mischievous habits. And if family violence occurs in their impoverished family, it can only make their situation worse. A neighborhood gang can seem like the only real family they'll ever have. Joining a gang gives them a sense of belonging and being a part of something important that they can't get otherwise. In some cases, parents approve of their children joining gangs, and may have been a member of the same gang in the past. Drug use is an underlying factor in all of these reasons. Not only does the sale of illegal drugs drive the profits of street gangs, they also create many of the conditions that lead to gang membership. So why doesn't our government give the youth of tomorrow some aid? Why can't we just lay off on our military spendings to put it into the smaller things. Keeping our children safe, as well as keeping our streets danger free. -Published by the San Andreas News Network ©2018
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    It's definitely not locked because of the statement you made. Anyways, I will not be continuing this discussion further with you because you are constantly giving replies that do not defend your original statement at all.
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    And I've answered this argument multiple times and yet you always choose to ignore it. I'll repeat it again: This argument is completely invalid because you should also be affected by a collision with or without your seatbelt. Having a seatbelt on would just minimize the affect, as it also would in real life. This command in no way is replacing roleplay. You could still continue to roleplay as you like, keeping in mind if you had your seatbelt on or off. This would simply give you a base to start your roleplay from.
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    A little test! Based on this legend!
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    I think I'm part of a minority who really don't want seatbelts. It's kind of like having /rob or /knockout commands. The reason players don't RP seatbelts is because they don't want to. I know it has been said that we could increase crash health reduction for those without seatbelts but this will cause more damage than good. A lot of players choose to skip car crashes which is fine so long both parties agree but they'll still have the health decrease. This is also a problem for suspects in pursuits dying constantly due to crashes and admins having to TP them back. Seatbelts also make crashes worse sometimes, and with this addition we may as well have /wipers and /airbags too.
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    Imo, those tags don't denote the quality of roleplay; but the depth of it. It's easy to misinterpret broad terms like "heavy" "mature" "strict" but setting a standard is essential to open roleplay of any sorts. I'm honestly worried if some of the staff members replying think relying solely on 'rules' is an acceptable substitute. It's not a GTA exclusive. Even something simple as this would suffice: Writing Quality: We are a mature writing and RP group and our writing reflects this. While we do not have a strict rule on what we do and don’t allow as far as quality goes, we heavily encourage everyone to write to their best capabilities and to always strive to get better. Some people spend hours, if not days into roleplay projects their working on. Some write backstories with 10k+ words, some would appreciate being able to interact with other roleplayers who take time to write their /me's and dialogue. If you really think "Heavy Roleplay" is foreign to everywhere else but GTA, I dunno. You can google.
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    Hi everyone, First and foremost, we want to apologize to everyone who have stuck by us thus far for any inconveniences, troubles, or even grievances that are caused by the bugs, scripts, or even the server. We also would like to inform you that - after several discussion with all of the staff members and the management of the server, we decided to, instead of taking a chance at possibly making things worse that it already is, we are locking the server to do a massive overhaul and revamp of the script and plan for a future release of the server in a stable 1.0 version. Following the temporary lock, all of our current donator will be given the closed beta access and the opportunity to participate in the future beta tests before the final 1.0 release. With this, we hope to make sure that we take the appropriate and more meticulous steps to coordinate the release, ensuring that we have enough and functional features that all of our community can enjoy. We also want you to know that we're listening. We're paying attention to everyone's concern, constructive criticism, and suggestion so that we all can grow be bigger and better as a server and as a community. We also would like to take the time to admit to our fault and our lack of forward planning, or in short; we effed up and we're sorry. We're hoping to do better than before with your support. We appreciate everyone's patience with us as well as your contributions toward the server, and do stay tunes for more announcement for our future release. We hope to see you all back for the final opening of Bay Area Roleplay with script version 1.0. Big and bold: - This isn't us closing, we're locking the server until the script is completely ready with revamps and loads of new features! - Donators will be our beta testers, to help the helpers! We hope to impress people instead of disappoint people, this is a healthy decision to make and for the best to hold a future of BA-RP.
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    Can't fucking wait for the server to open, we out here waiting to wreck shit
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    Awesome, anticipating this roleplay!
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    I just came across a thought, then again it's my opinion so feel free to argue it if you'd like. I just wondered why not keep Bay Area up for everyone to still play and enjoy? I mean, I don't understand why you guys can't gradually update the server as everyone plays it, it'll keep the players more intrigued and eager to play Bay Area as new updates come through and it'd be a good thing to know that it's being given attention and worked on as we play on the server. I believe this server has great potential to be what it wants to be (not on some nerdy type shit) and I and others can agree despite all of the flaws this server is still a good server. IMO, waiting too long will set this server up for failure and I can definitely say the player base would fall drastically in the future. Who knows who'd still be playing this 14 year old game in the next few months or possibly a year or more etc. All i'm saying is I think y'all should keep the server up and running and update it as you go and it'll keep everyone satisfied as new updates are coming out and we get to stay on the server, as well as we continue to dish out suggestions to make the server even better. Believe me, I've seen it happen; a server could be in BETA with a good pb and keep everyone on hold, finally release the server and it failed like a bitch. A good one too, but y'all have a chance to not make the same mistake. For example, as shit as LSRP was they never kept closing it down and re-opening it, overtime they've updated the server and they started to grow as people play. I'd like to see more opinions though.
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    It's a hardcore RP server. You can say "no labels" as many times as you want but it's clearly a hardcore RP server. Here is why: 1. Getting guns IG is not easy. (On a medium / low RP server getting a gun IG is easy asf) 2. You can't apply for an official status for your faction, factions will be handpicked. (On a medium / low RP server illegal factions are called gangs and getting an official slot is based via applications) 3. You don't have turfs / points for gangs which you have on probably every medium / low RP server 4. You gotta get accepted via UCP in order to play. Medium / low roleplay servers are chill, hardcores aren't. You can fuck around at times, shoot people just because you feel like shooting someone. Roleplaying injuries / crashes isn't a must etc. Every script related thing there is currently on BARP clearly makes the server a hardcore RP server
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    lmao don't you have a official lsrp fac that has no one in it?
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    So I had something in mind and I decided to do it on my own. It's not much of a mapping, but it should be enough for people interested in homeless roleplay.
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    I really like the dedication you put into making these simple, yet great exercises to practice your web developing skills! I've never had the patience nor the dedication to these random exercises myself but I really appreciate when people do it!
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    SAMP Addon recently updated their program, so you can switch between samp version without having to reinstall SAMP every time. Not sure if there is many 0.3.7 servers anymore, but here you go. http://gtaforums.com/topic/760017-relsa-samp-addon/ Credits to the original owner ][Noname]
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    Hello there. I've seen a ton of people complaining about server being boring because there's nothing to do and all of that and that's triggering me for a while now so I decided to create this guide, the "How to have fun in BA:RP" which will consist of ideas of passive role-playing scenarios you could create alone/alongside other people to enjoy the server as much as you can. Here it goes! Creating relationships with other people Creating relationships with other factions Role-playing a disabled character Role-playing a very extroverted/introverted person Hosting a party Role-playing a character with a specific physiologic disease Role-playing a homeless character These were just some ideas but I'll add more ideas to this post as I remember/think of scenarios I've RP'd/never RP'd before. Thank you! :)
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    Create a MYSQL system that will be connected to forums and will show helper/faction leader/admins/trail admins activity. How many hours have they spent AFK, how many hours they were onduty, how many hours they were offduty and total time they've spent on the server in one day. This way you could track their activity via forums and you could sanction them if they didn't play as much as they were supposed to.
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    Thread looks awesome, good luck!
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    You just can't take a roleplay server that implements CJ running seriously.
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    This is a stupid suggestion. If a hacker comes IG he will kill us all, taking our money, guns and other stuff.
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    The comrade that has this avatar that makes me think its the CSGO Train Terrorist
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    Yup. There's a line in my opinion were you stop using scripts and start roleplaying and for me this is it. RPG servers are full of stuff like this whereas servers like ourselves should keep things basic so we can roleplay. Just my opinion though.
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    I know some people might find the seatbelt feature annoying, but I think it’s a good feature to have. This is my opinion on how a seatbelt system should work: - /seatbelt (/sb) to toggle between putting on or taking off your seatbelt. - Less health damage when /sb is on during a crash. - Seatbelt off can be a ticketable offence. - /checksb [ID] for officers to see the status of one’s seatbelt.
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    We’re already running normally, like how it’s supposed to be. I’m sure you mean the running style NG-RP had, where you run 40 mph, lol. No thanks.
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    Thread will be updated with screenshots of my development as soon as the server opens. It'll follow Kevin Delilah, a skinhead from the outskirts of San Fierro.