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    Well here comes an end to my journey, it was long, it was fun and it was somehow sad to see this goes at the end. I have been here since the start of it all, waited months just like anyone for the announcement date and completely freaked out when it released, Bunny Hopped to Ocean Flats and RPed there for a good 2 months, when across many amazing factions such as Abadjiev, Rollin 60, Aryan Brotherhood, BKMC it was all a really good experience. It all began when I was cruising around LSRP with my Eastern Character when I was speaking over a group call on discord with @Anomaly and Guap, and they told me about this new server called BA:RP, I checked it out registered on the forums and called my ex-crew on LSRP wanting to make a faction on Bay Area Roleplay, we named our first faction the Latin Kings, we had around 30-40 players on Discord of which around only 6-7 were active, which led to our reason of disbanding the faction, out of everyone only me and another fella kept our heads up for the server, as others quit SAMP or went to play on LSRP again. I joined the Bulgarian Faction due to the fact that all the Bulgarians were there and everyone said that we will get Official and all that but in fact, we decided to just disband the faction because of the lack of weaponry and Drug trafficking. The only person which I kept contact with was RickeN, and later on got in contact with Carmine which to this day I keep on speaking with and having banter just I like I did like 4 months ago. Now that I joined Rollin 60 and the Aryan Brotherhood stuff started to get more interesting, weapons got sold and hits against other factions were taking action, we were attacking some Asian Gangs and the rivals of Rollin 60, OFN14 and the Brims. At the end of the day we squashed it up and now I am in good terms with cBull who was in Brims and with the legendary bigman roadman Deco, Junior, and Kodak which were the main sticks in OFN14. When OFN14 got disbanded, most of Rollin 60 decided to leave for LSRP to join the Rollin 50 Crips, which got closed up. I am still speaking with @Gizzmo who I give a massive shoutout to and credit for everything that he has done and all of the time and work he has put towards this community. But at the end of the day, they all left along me having the last hope in the Aryan Brotherhood, which I CKed from after IC reasons and also got quite bored off it, made another Character an ex-Bone Knights MC patched member, (Treasurer.) Then the beef came in after I decided to shoot up the MC after a few threats towards me, then the end of Phillips came in when I decided to surrender in front of them, I was just gonna leave BARP and I needed some adrenaline. It was a good run, just too many people to shout-out it was a journey, a massive Credit and shout-out to @RehasherFor all the good stuff that he has done for the community. @Boss Caught me Ban-Evading, and @Erty banned me, I am just gonna give up from here since the last blow destroyed BARP as I stated ages ago. @Culture Yes Bigman. @angel k Geng geng. @certified_ethug You can't play PUBG sir. Goodbye people.
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    Updates are coming out slowly, administrators don't have a good attitude, everybody stopped caring about this, or at least almost everybody.
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    Pretty much. At this point even if they popped out an awesome drug script and everything else players wanted I don't see people coming back. BARPs reputation has just been soiled to the point it's just another failed server in most peoples eyes. Even current admins have given up and play elsewhere instead of doing things to make it work... Tho I could be wrong
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    We'll meet in GTAW @FroxZ
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    I finally got accepted so probably see you on GTAW. Not like this going anywhere 😕
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    Don't worry fella I have my Rust and GTA:W + LSRP so I will probably won't come back.
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    yooo this gang is lit! keep going boys
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    I'm just passing by to say I did not really find it offensive in any way and I'm pretty sure nobody else on the discord did.
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    its going home, stop being the cunt you are!!! ❤️