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    Imo locking it again at this point wouldn't make a difference. Not like developers are always busy in-game moderating. Last time they tried it they saw a major drop in the playerbase. Only thing can save this server now would be a competent staff team who has a clue, makes decisions to get people invested in the server through encouraging activity both in game as well as on forums rather than just punishing people. That in turn might motivate developers to release the scripting thats been requested for months. Developers also need to learn to release scripts more frequently rather than implementing everything all at once, because this current method ain't working
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    @Kane I want to developed like you. 😄 The only thing they can really do is lock the server, unless they're keen on wasting money on the server host. Once they lock the server, they can reconsider their options, make a few polls, and actually go ahead with whatever the community wants, and take time to do so.
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    cause the server is already fucking trash 😂😂😂
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    I'm still going to continue to play here even when the server went through hell, I'm still here man.
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    Didnt went home did it?