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Ban Appeals

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The Ban Appeals board is the channel for appealing a ban or mute from a community platform.

Ban Appeal Guidelines



Ban Appeal Guidelines

  • Include the username of the administrator you were banned by in the topic title so they can handle the appeal . (Staff Roster)
  • Follow the rules and format correctly as failing to do so may lead to your appeal being rejected, this will delay the appeals process.
  • Do not create appeals with an assumption that another member of staff will handle it.
  • Do not post or advocate for posts on ban appeals you are not involved in as you will be banned, regardless of your position.
  • You are responsible for your account's IP addresses, email addresses and computers. Using the relative excuse or anything similar will not change the outcome of your appeals.



Topic Title: [Administrator] Forename_Surname

- Example: [Rehasher] John Smith


Account Name: 

Your Character's Name


Time & Date of the Incident: 

00:00:00 - DD/MM/YEAR


Ban Reason: 

Why were you banned?



Explain the Incident


Supporting Evidence: 



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  3. Ban Appeals Archive

    All ban appeals that have been concluded by the banning staff member will eventually be moved to this area.


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