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Out of Character
Our goal is to portray a  realistic Middle Eastern organized crime group in San Fierro. By joining this faction and posting to the thread you automatically agree to be Character Killed for any reason. I personally appreciate constructive criticism, but any rude comments like "ass" will get you reported to a Forum Moderator. Any questions or concerns? Shoot me a PM.
Joining the faction.
If you'd wish to join this faction, I welcome you with open arms, as long as you represent this faction in a positive light, and are willing to post 800x600 screenshots. You will be taught how to make 800x600 screenshots. Becoming an associate of this faction is pretty straight forward; get introduced from an inside member, show loyalty and ability to independently make money, and show you really want to be a faction member. Determination is key. Try selling one of us something, show us your worth investing time into. We typically expect faction members to post a screen a day. Joining this faction as a person originating from the Middle East or having family origins will probably boost your chances of getting trusted easier, which means getting in easier. Here is our discord if interested in joining the faction. https://discord.gg/zGqzSq9

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