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  5.  Monzer Al-Kassar, also known as "The Prince Of Marbella" or "Peacock" is  a notorious arms dealer in Asia and Europe. The notorious "Peacock" has been apprehended by the Drug Enforcement Agency. Agents report he came without a fight, and successfully was extradited to the United States. Monzer Al-Kassar has had numerous affiliations and dealings with various terrorist organizations, as he supplied firearms to rebels. Al Kassar was sentenced to 30 years in prison for conspiring to sell weapons to the Colombian Marxist group Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia—People's Army, or just FARC. Monzer Al-Kassar was quite elusive, leading a wealthy life in Spain with his family, while being a notorious arms dealer at the same time. From the court hearings, Al-Kassar wont be eligble for parole until 2033. How did this terrorist get captured? In February 2007, the Drug Enforcement Agency  had a person going by the name of Samir to set up a meeting between al-Kassar and two Guatemalan informants posing as FARC terrorists who wanted to purchase weapons to use against American military forces. The group of men met several more times. During the meetings, the informants were wearing hidden video cameras, which recorded al-Kassar agreeing to the terms of the deal, and the DEA used this as evidence for his trial when extradicted.
  7. The informants, at the request of the DEA, then tried to lure al-Kassar to Romania, ostensibly in order to collect his payment for the sale, where he could be easily arrested by U.S. agents; but al-Kassar refused. They instead convinced him to board a flight to Madrid, Spain for the same purpose. Some time in June 2007, the Spanish Police captured Al Kassar at the Barajas Airport, they arrested him after his plane landed. Al Kassar  was charged with; conspiring to kill Americans, supplying terrorists, obtaining anti-aircraft missiles and money laundering.
  10. On June 13, 2008, al-Kassar was extradited to the United States for trial, he arrived in New York in shackles the next day. On November 20, 2008, he was convicted in federal court of five charges, among them money laundering and conspiring to sell arms to suppliers for FARC. Sentencing for al-Kassar and co-defendant Luis Felipe Moreno Godoy was scheduled for February 18, 2009. The relatives of Leon Klinghoffer, the man murdered in the Achille Lauro incident, were in court for the verdict. Al-Kassar was represented by Ira Sorkin.
  12. Al-Kassar had been unusually uncareful  in his behavior with the fake arms buyers, and that this may have been caused by greed and impatience on al-Kassar's part, since, due to a decrease in world conflicts, the international arms trade was slower than it had been during the late 20th century. Al Kassars bank accounts have been frozen, and if he somehow lives to release, he won't be seeing his tremendous wealth acquired from his illegal activity.
Al Kassar found guilty of collaborating with terrorist groups
conspiring to kill Americans
supplying terrorists
 obtaining anti-aircraft missiles
and money laundering
 in prison 30 years from 2008
bank accounts frozen
Arms dealer
Nicknames; Peacock, Prince Of Marbella
AGENT: Nicholas Nargi


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