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  2. Kriff

    Buying BayPoints with IG money

    Hence why I support the free CK name-change.
  3. Krxx

    The Provenzano Connections.

    So.. Anthony and Daniel can you two stop doing that? Hating Charlie's faction? PLease...? You been there, you always been involved my our roleplay. And, now, we have an IC reason to CK you.
  4. Carmine

    Buying BayPoints with IG money

    Sounds fair. People who have 40 hours of playtime get CKed with all their character slots filled. No option to delete them. No money to donate. Grind 40 hours in admin-jail. Nice.
  5. Carmine

    Never Any High Level Admins IG?

    I also struggle to come across an admin who can handle my refund.
  6. Carmine


    Now we know where you live.
  7. Carmine


    Nice glasses.
  8. Carmine


    Welcome aboard, enjoy the stay!
  9. Carmine


    It might be a mod on your side that's conflicting the server-side model.
  10. Carmine

    Disable/Deactivate my forum account

    It's May 24th.
  11. Carmine

    The Provenzano Connections.

    Looks neat @CAvali!
  12. Kriff

    Buying BayPoints with IG money

    No, I don't support this. The "grinding" option as you decide to call it is there for those people who do not want to donate or have the opportunity to.
  13. JohnnyV

    Disable/Deactivate my forum account

    This does not have anything to do with the local laws. Facebook's Headquarters are located at California, United States yet they still have to enforce the law of the EU for the citizens of Europe, same applies to the Steam platform same applies to every site from May 25th. This law is changing the internet https://www.theverge.com/2018/3/28/17172548/gdpr-compliance-requirements-privacy-notice An option to delete your account would be great.
  14. KayC


    Enjoy your stay.
  15. Today
  16. Carmine

    Disable/Deactivate my forum account

    You're missing one detail. The site is ran by someone who lives in England, and we all know England is long gone from Europe.
  17. Hello according to the new law set for European countries we have the right to unsubscribe and delete any account we want from any site on the internet. Since there is no options please disable mine, no need to give reason.
  18. Kriff

    Automatic weapon spot in vehicles

    I support this, It's irritating to set it each time.
  19. Maui

    Automatic weapon spot in vehicles

    I think that is exactly what he is suggesting.
  20. sick

    Automatic weapon spot in vehicles

    No. Every vehicle has a different model and every person doesn't put the weapons at the same place every time. If this suggests that players themselves can set the position, then I support this.
  21. sick

    Illegal version of trucker job

    Because not all truckers have access to illegal goods, I'd rather make it exporting more cargo than you legally can with your vehicle, for a bigger payment ofcourse. If my idea is implemented, then I support this.
  22. sick

    /ad but without your phone number

    Yes, but please don't name it Company Advertisement. Make the command like /advert2 and in the chat, mark it the same as the normal advertisement, just without the phone number.
  23. sick

    Player Stats Menu

    I like the idea of the pop up box instead of the chat stats. I support anything that'd make our User Interface unique.
  24. sick

    Spawn ALL the cars!

    Sometimes, this would really be useful, although the issue with this is the server being flooded with unnecessary vehicles. People will constantly keep forgetting to /v park their cars and some players with lower-end computers will experience lag. I think it'd be okay to let players spawn 2 vehicles on this playerbase, but once the playerbase gets higher, I would set it back to one vehicle at a time only.
  25. sick

    Police Name Colour (Tab List)

    I think everyone's name color should stay the same, excluding administrators on duty. As someone stated above, it's very RPG-ish and it simply incites Metagaming. I believe they should be removed.
  26. Public Interest

    Martin Goldstein

    I hope our characters will meet up.
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